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All right everyone the lamestream media is still not talking about it because they don’t care what happens over in the Congo but the Ebola epidemic over there continues unabated there are still new cases in fact the the number is slowly inclining it hasn’t gone like like exponential yet which means there’s still time potentially to tamp down on it unfortunately again let us remember you’ve got several complicating factors involved with this that you didn’t even have really in the West African epidemic a few years ago that killed you know at least 10 probably 20 or more thousand people they und…

Continue reading… stimated the numbers because towards the end people were just taking their dead they weren’t even telling the health workers because they believed that there should be like you literal Heymann remains in a grave the idea of cremation is considered you know if not blasphemous highly disrespectful there so they were cremating the boys didn’t go over to I probably should have figured figured out some sort of compromise oddly enough probably would have saved more lives unfortunately in the Congolese epidemic it’s happening in a war zone for those that don’t know there’s a civil war going on in this region right now between various rebel factions what’s happened therefore is that aid workers have been attacked that can spread the Ebola number one it can also you know kill off your aid workers number two you know you lose that PhD running out who’s willing to actually volunteer to go running around in a jungle forever little or no actual physical reward in order to try to save people you’ve lost someone who’s highly unique no and so when these happen you know they’re like the rebels say well that that hospital van over there that would make a nice armored car we’re gonna go and shoot these people and take it whoops there’s an Ebola patient in the back but they don’t know because they just filled it full of bullet holes so now they’ve all got Ebola potentially it’s a really big problem you’ve also got the problem of secondary epidemic now which is a malaria outbreak has happened because of a shortage of chloroquine which means that the populations overall health is deteriorating in some areas that leaves them more susceptible unfortunately to other infections including the Ebola I believe there was also a story where Marburg had been found recently in bats within the region which isn’t surprising it’s endemic in various parts the world Marburg no joke either I think it’s basically similar it’s a hemorrhagic virus although I don’t believe it quite as deadly I think it’s closer to 20% Ebola it’s a 50/50 proposition you get Ebola under the best of circumstances you’ve got a slightly better than 50/50 chance of recovering unfortunately even if you recover you’re likely to have long lasting negative health impacts this was the case with people who got the the plague and during the dark ages literally the black death a lot of people complain thereafter of general poor health no children were a lot healthier because they were they were you know immunized against that and there was lower population densities Serfdom we began to end so that was good for that generation they have like there was um which was the one that Byzantine Emperor he got the plague survived and his wife died he sort of went not saying and for that on he used to he had terrible insomnia and became kind of a tyrant at the time was it just in Ian I want to say it was just in Ian unfortunately with the Ebola epidemic though it shows no signs of slowing down by this point this many months into the game in the West African outbreak they had sort of gotten a hold of it at least in Guinea it had spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone though in the latter case had killed a lot more people higher density in some of the urban zones it has now though reached bottom bow you’ll remember it took a while a few months from the time that it sort of approached the urban areas from Guinea into point south in the last epidemic it cooked it took a few months for it to take hold and begin truly burning through the population unfortunately it’s already reached but Tembo it’s a city of about the size of Boston only probably doesn’t have as many medical amenities as Boston so therein lies a problem it’s reached an area therefore in which you have trade and travel you have enough population density to sustain a significant epidemic at least locally the problem is people will flee from that they’ll be infected they’ll flee the fleet more fare whatever they spread it to some other town they may even go across national borders you got to remember that this is very very close this particular province borders what is it Rwanda and and the Sudan no not the Sudan I don’t know I’m fairly good at geography but a lot of countries clustered in the area around that region I could go further quite easily unfortunately could enter East Africa could go to South Africa can you imagine if hits like Johannesburg now you’ve also already got a looming genocide down there any then people start you know dying of Ebola I think it’d be the worst thing in the world also keep in mind again you have these other various diseases the medical community has had trouble anyway keeping them down let alone in an Ebola zone it’s a little different if it’s yeah you’ve got malaria you’re trying to take care of malaria okay put up the mosquito nets take your chloroquine whatever you know everything’s good Ebola requires something different full body hazmat suit wear that out in the jungle it’s 90 degrees full humidity and you’re wearing a full cover suit yeah it’s gonna be misery a lot of people probably don’t even take proper precautions because it’s like oh yeah I’m taking my hood off I can’t stand it anymore it’s like if you’re working in Florida at Disney Land or whatever and you have to wear the Mickey Mouse costume can you imagine how sweltering that is at the end of your shift probably not very much fun unfortunately with the world not really focused on this you know there was a lot of fundraising going on the last big Ebola epidemic haven’t seen anything about it this time probably because it’s in more remote an area it’s not in West Africa which is a little bit more sort of sort of connected to the world this is in the middle of the Congo I have to say probably thousands will die before the world really takes notice unfortunately we’ve seen this the world it’s all the globalist people they want to micromanage and focus on every other aspect of the world order other than human disease it’s like Bill Gates is the only one that doesn’t then he alienates people because he talks too much about vaccines and there’s like anti-vaxxers and stuff by the way vaccines mentioned in that herbal and the receipt book that I mentioned previously the get vaccinated you don’t need like the flu vaccine probably but know if you’re trying to keep your kids and you know like them mumps and rubella vaccines I even crazy I hate to say if you’re nuts I got those vaccines look at me I’m just fine that’s about all peace out