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All right everyone I was thinking that if magnum p.i had gas he’d be Magnum PU just a random thought here I know a little bit of lightning the mood before unfortunately quite bad news here which is that boo Tembo which already was in the news more than a month ago in relation to the congolese Ebola outbreak by the way but mo very close to the Ugandan border very close to Rwanda as well I think only about a hundred miles away they’ve now had several Ebola cases what this means is that that one individual that had traveled to the Tembo after being potentially not exposed to Ebola that was many w…

Continue reading… s ago probably became symptomatic I I don’t know if they ever managed to find and quarantine the individual unfortunately it looks like now multiple people came into contact with him unfortunately other people will have come into contact with these others while they still had flu-like symptoms before they make him began to get like Eboli z’d which means that you can have a massive epidemic in a city of many hundreds of thousands of people now again just a refresher here look down at the Tembo from the sky courtesy of Google or Yahoo Maps or whatever by Central African standards it’s a relatively nice place there actually there’s actually footage of it on YouTube it looks relatively clean there are better conditions living conditions more spread out a little less dense than you know some of the shanty towns you get in certain parts of underdeveloped parts of the world usually the metropolitan regions there other than the very center of town are are basically shanty towns that is they’re extremely densely popular they’re like the favelas of you know characters of selling in Venezuela very poor no plumbing basically you’d have a rivulet behind your house that you probably boil the water to make it potable and then you use it for bathing and so not great conditions the problem is though it is dense enough and will there will be enough fear associated with the Ebola in an area where there’s more access to education people can understand hey this is a major thing this could cause panic the problem being that you’ve already got refugee and and civil war related movements throughout the Congo that’s why Ebola has spread so far there you’ve got aid workers being attacked you’ve got people who are because they’re moving in response to war they can become infected go a great distance to an area refugee camp densely populated again limited access to proper nourishment as well proper water they’ve got secondary disease outbreak now you’ve got a malaria epidemic actually because of the lack of availability of what is it they use a chloroquine or whatever now I think there’s another actually there’s a shrub if I remember it’s actually a Artemisia absinthium if I remember correctly they extract certain chemicals from it and they dispense it as an elixir sort of sort of to destroy malaria it works fairly well it’s like a the regular old quinine they used to use doesn’t have much of an effect anymore malaria became resistant unfortunately through the misuse you know so be it as it may unfortunately you’ve got problems in the medical community already with regards to some of these outbreaks now you’ve got an Ebola epidemic aided by a civil war that has now reached a major population center but you know one of the bigger cities in the whole area of Africa that could be a big problem the problem is that the aid workers can go in and try to quarantine people look once people realize how nasty Ebola is is a disease and the people don’t usually come back when they get into the van with the aid workers there will be hesitancy for them to do that and not go to the local healer and then this happened in Liberia you’ll remember this was happening in Guinea and Sierra Leone with the outbreak there several years ago that’s why 20,000 people or more died their official estimate is that I think is 12,000 bullshit it’s way higher than that at least half of the cases they’d never heard of they’re lucky and asymptomatic version of Ebola emerged there’s no guarantee that happens this time if this escapes containment you essentially you have to wait for nature to snuff it out that means it has to be able to exhaust the local food supply basically it’s a replica Tory supply and that could require you know in the case of nature that could be the depopulation of Patel you have a hundred thousand deaths or something it’d be terrible the world really needs to get serious about contagion the one the one area in which global cooperation be stronger as opposed to more limited is in the realm of disease yes I strongly believe that because we live in a world that’s more and more densely populated where more and more areas including areas where disease is still relatively common are now being hooked up to the world economy that means that people can travel from an area like like Lagos or or the Freetown or something there there’s air access sea access they can get there and travel the problem is the upper class let’s say that I’m living in Lagos Ebola breaks out and I’m an upper-class businessman I might already have been exposed from like hey you know now’s a good time to take a vacation we’re gonna go you be tourists in something somewhere that’s not stricken by Ebola hey kids come on we’re going on a 2-month vacation in Brazil or something because you know I’m part of that being you know that new upper business class within urban Africa I have the ability to do that and say well my manager can take care of things fuck it I’m leaving for a couple months I’m not gonna stay around here it’s gonna be a madhouse it’s gonna be weird I don’t want my kids seem like someone staggering down the street vomiting blood we’re gonna go on a work holiday I’ll work from from there with my laptop or whatever that could happen and then you get an outbreak that has crossed the Atlantic Ocean and people don’t realize that that is a genuine risk it’s not at any given point with any given epidemic likely but over the long span of time over the next century or so more and more density more and more travel it’s inevitable that that will happen yes exotic disease at some point will mutate break containment enter the Western world and kill a billion people it will happen it is inevitable that it will happen it’s unfortunately inevitable we can stave it off we can make preparations now though people do all sorts of crazy shit to prepare for all the possibility of an asteroid nuclear war whatever things that are all less likely to happen look there’s never been a nuclear war and in recent history there’s never been like a nation killing asteroid the closest we’ve come is like the Tunguska event and the camera cherub blinks I think it’s pronounced meteor over in Russia was that 2014 or something you know went off like a like fuckin Hiroshima was a massive explosion but it’s not a world killing asteroid but epidemic we’ve already suffered in relative modern and either have been multiple significant epidemics and only by the skin of our teeth and only because of the will of nature in a couple of cases did the epidemics end like with the Spanish flu essentially it traversed the whole world that it affected very very sparsely populated areas that didn’t even have routine trade and travel some small island that gets one boat a month still ended up getting the Spanish flu it affected Iceland and all these others and this is before modern travel you don’t have here travel back in the 1910s you have planes but people aren’t travelling across the Atlantic on the regular ship travel much more slow it’s almost a de facto quarantine by the time you land import the contagions already burned its way through everyone on board takes you weeks to get across the Atlantic now you can cross it in a single day in a single afternoon then you get jet lag or whatever we need to start getting serious about these things what happens if something like rabies were to become airborne can you imagine that he had fry 90% of the world population including most of the mammalian species there upon other than like hyenas and what is it opossums I think are partially immune so everyone dies it’d be like a zombie virus dude everyone would die it’d be crazy and it’s possible unfortunately it does happen we’ve seen it happen again in the last hundred years we’ve seen instances where disease rev oh you know mutates becomes far more deadly or far more easily transmitted or even worse both now and then burns its way through a whole city kills a million people kills a billion people and it’s possible for that Evan look the Black Death they don’t even know 100% it was your city of pestis alone that was doing it they don’t even know exactly what it was it could have been a Marburg virus for all anyone knows we’re not even sure there are other viruses that fulfill the bacteria that fulfill the general symptoms they weren’t 100% typical of the kind of Black Plague that two or three people died of every year in the United States still yeah there’s still plague out in them hills in places like Utah Nevada you don’t hear much about that Islands probably playing in the rats and the sewer systems in San Francisco too you probably have the fucking plague you’re not going to know that they found plague bacteria on subway stations doors and shit all the time all sorts of weird yeah it does make it it’s definitely a reason that I don’t want to move to a big city yeah it’s a nuclear target it’s definitely you know potentially ground zero for a major epidemic out in the middle of nowhere you could be you have an extra week to prepare maybe and a little bit less trade and travel things slowed down a bit and I can always you know build a lean-to in the yard and say fuck it and just sleep in a hazmat suit that’s about all P so