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All right everyone the big day is finally here Ebola has fully escaped containment and ended up in another country the Ebola crisis that was just a crisis for the Congo mainly related to civil war and and a consecutive outbreak of malaria actually the shortage of chloroquine or whatever they’re using these days unfortunately now it’s in Uganda so now you have a case a homegrown case in another country well that’s that isn’t that just wonderful to see the thumb of the problem is people were warning about that but the legacy media and even a lot of independent commentators they never took it ser…

Continue reading… sly they’re like all Ebola oh well nothing new Under the Sun oh it’s just Ebola don’t worry about it too much the thing is there could have been a much more broad international response but that would have required people actually knowing that there was an Ebola outbreak the problem being of course most of the world remain blissfully unaware other than those of you who watch my channel regularly you probably know that there’s an Ebola outbreak getting worse and worse in Central Africa but the normies haha until today nope they didn’t know now it’s a little bit late you see you’ve got thousands of cases you’ve got hundreds of new active cases every week it’s it’s mounting there was a tripling of cases two days ago they mentioned the number of new cases it tripled that that’s number one number two now it’s in another country number three you’ve got escalating violence towards the the care workers trying to contain the outbreak you have attacks you didn’t have this in West Africa I think there was one incidence when there was an attack on an Ebola ward there here you’ve had four or five attacks on Ebola clinics and hospital workers inside of a couple of months it’s getting worse not better Doctors Without Borders is like hey we need more security then there were other people saying no no you need to stop having troops around the Ebola workers because it intimidates people you’re if you do and you’re if you don’t yeah it’s gonna intimidate people and are not seeking treatment but then it’s also going to intimidate those health care workers into coming back into the Western world or or at least fleeing off into the jungle when they realize hey we’re gonna come under mortar fire tomorrow hey people are gonna come and loot the ward because hey there are people around here who are strongly ill and starving well they don’t care then they’re gonna risk it Oh too bad there’s Ebola fluids all over this but they want the medical equipment they’re gonna sell it and they’re gonna eat well for a week before they die of Ebola that’s the way it works I’m of the mind that they should have responded a lot quicker I’m of the mind that the best thing that could be done is that the world needs to take tropical diseases more seriously some of these diseases are not still fully studied they don’t have they do not have an effective serum for Ebola they’ve got a couple of experimental serums that show a little bit of promise instead of a 50% death rate it’s only 45 percent of sighing great so you know a handful of people are saved assuming you can get the serum to them you’re talking about an area with dirt roads you know covered in potholes you to an area lacking infrastructure which is wrapped by civil war and constantly you know even in the best of times some village or small city in central Africa is it really stable no it’s one gunshot away from a civil war that’s the problem with underdeveloped parts of the world the West gets involved it’s like Western involvement caused the problem a little bit anyway Westerners come in build a bunch of infrastructure the population begins to explode and then we’re like oh nobody bothered to build a medical apparatus well I guess we better send malaria nets over I guess we better send chloroquine you know cuz the good old quinine no longer works because malaria is evolving – what happens when you run out of synthetic drugs we’re already beginning to hit that wall what are you gonna do but we can’t even tackle the common cold you think we can tackle Ebola all you need is for it to mutate right now and become more infectious and pretty soon a million people are dead maybe it goes world pandemic mode maybe the next time unlike the West Africa outbreak that took us trust me we were a step from Armageddon and and they’re never going to admit to this but if you know anything about basic biology we were one step from our beginning Ebola mutated it became considerably more infectious able to self-sustain it was an unsustainable situation there was no containment in the West African outbreak a second mutation occurred and began inoculating people with an asymptomatic variety that made them resistant to actual Ebola thus cutting off the host reservoir and stopping the outbreak now bolla free again we got very very lucky in fact the fact that Ebola appears mutation prohm probably saved us what happens if this time that doesn’t what happens if this time Ebola mutates like in West Africa like we know that it can it becomes more infectious two or three times more infectious it’s more able to spread it’s more resistant so the droplets when people sneeze the cough they bleed whatever they stay around longer you know symptoms make it you know it goes fully airborne or something something happens and it becomes through mutation and more able to transmit from person a to person B or from person a to a group of persons B let’s say that happens now let’s say that there that it takes a year before or an asymptomatic mutant arises well yeah I mean it could have gone across half the world by then the problem is if you have consent I’m because of world travel those pools of people the number of generations viral generations for you to generate that asymptomatic mutant is lower and then the fewer generations you have the more likely the death toll would be to be catastrophic if there are multiple points of entry across the world now if you just have one outbreak like let’s say that Ebola for some magical reason let’s say God reaches his hand down or something or V God little cosmic force and Ebola is only able to spread from person to person on their immunity you can’t take it through air travel or something there are no other hotspots that crop up it just radiates out from one central point the chances are very high that an asymptomatic mutant would be generated you’d have a huge number of viral generations in order for it to have infected asked a considerable portion of the world now let’s say though that Ebola is capable of spreading in the way that it is dong zhuo’s on a ship on a plane contaminated cargo whatever now you have 30 or 40 different hotspots around the world each one of those hotspots doesn’t have to go through nearly as many viral generations several orders of magnitude less in order for the whole world who have been infected there’s less of a chance that in any individual radiation point will cause that asymptomatic mutation because you get fewer generations that you need to go through that’s the worst-case scenario well tonight’s in another country already who’s – who wants to make an over/under about many countries it has to infect before the world takes it seriously it’s got to be like four or five apparently you know had to hit the third nation of I think the first one was Liberia second was Guinea if I remember correctly what order it went in in the West Africa it had to go into a third country before people said oh maybe we want a response wait you know and they they realize that it was mutation prone and long before they announced that to the public and they did it in a very hush-hush manner you’ll remember several years ago they already were trying to develop vaccines and serums and because it terrified them the medical community is far more scared about Ebola than you think you should be a lot more scared of Ebola now I just think there are other viruses and that can do the same thing influenza every year when it’s a ticking time bomb for the next Spanish flu to kill 510 percent of the world’s population like it did before and again then eventually you get that second mutant but that we could have hit the lottery we could have had a one in a billion chance during a West Africa outbreak several years ago that that asymptomatic variety we even crop up it could have been a one in a billion chance that saved half of humanity no so yeah you’ll excuse me if I’m a little bit if I’m chuckling bitterly a little bit at the world medical community for apparently either being too inept to respond I mean I understands a civil war zone there are complications you didn’t have in like Liberia or something like that you know over in Freetown I understand that but either too inept unable to respond or or you know just lacks the will to do so I suppose I guess they don’t really care if a bunch of people in the Congo die so to speak because they have that global istic mentality that the little people are basically just grains of sand and a vast you know vast ocean of dunes for them to exploit but the same thing can affect them as well you know ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’re a billionaire if you get Ebola you might have quicker access to a serum or something but they’re all experimental you can die too it wouldn’t be pretty what happens if rabies ever goes airborne I guess most of humanity a whole lot of humans left the next generation of humans have very very small indeed I think it take us back to the Stone Age to tell the truth that’s not all peace out