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All right everyone it’s amazing how propagandist Newspeak operates because people and people aren’t looking at these nearly critically enough but Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have released competing plans for racial equity now what’s that mean it means it means more you know free stuff given to supposedly maligned groups because of slavery and stuff like that they’d been ended long ago segregation ended long ago it’s basically an attempt to discriminate against you know the rest of the United States by favoring one group over the others in order to fix a problem that by and large governm…

Continue reading… created and continues to promulgate including through stuff like this the problem is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions it’s like within anthropology I’ve mentioned this before you look at some some third-world nation that’s undeveloped has problems by sending aid to those countries you suppress the local economy like if you’re giving free food to people because they’re hungry which admittedly is a problem it’s a conundrum it’s a paradox what happens is you know you think well you know we’re feeding people and then they get their meal they can go out and making farm and work and stuff but what you actually do is you ruin the economy because the farmers can’t compete with free so what agriculture is there and actually is doing well collapse is entirely pretty soon you have an Ethiopian famine situation going on it can last years or decades this happens constantly because of well-meaning but delusional Western intervention as well as Eastern intervention to don’t give China and Russia pass it happens there too so when I see a racial equity plan I’m like wow it’s a bunch of it’s also unlawful yes it is unlawful to steal money from Americans and give it to certain groups based on the color of their skin would think that’d be problematic and pretty well understood but elizabeth warren seems to be gearing up to try to be Obama 2.0 like legislating through executive action now Obama did this no part of it as he faced obstruction from the US House and the Republicans from beaners Republicans some of it was deserved some of it arguably was not regardless though because regardless of the meaning behind that though he attempted to use executive orders to do things now executive orders are quite limited in what they actually accomplished the Supreme Court came in multiple times as well as circuit courts to deny him certain abilities like he tried to legalize like four million people give them residency it’s like well these individuals coming here under I think they were the dreamers or something I’m just gonna give them conditional residency because I’m allowed to do that haha here’s an executive order court strikes it down says no you can’t do that that’s not an executive power you cannot unilaterally give that status to people from other countries that are technically here illegally it doesn’t matter if the legislature has passed the DREAM Act deferred action you know the daca recipients you don’t have to deport them actively which is kind of ignoring existing law it’s kind of a band-aid on a gaping wound you can do that but you can’t legalize them this is round about amnesty after a fashion because after a few years under those requirements under residency they can seek citizenship under the basis that they’ve done nothing else wrong under daca of course they would technically be eligible because it’s deferred action and then he can’t do that through executive action a legislature would have to get involved so they struck him down Elizabeth Warren seems to be very busy she would be an imperialist president she would go full mama bear and be like well I can play with the big boys I’ve got all the toys I can do whatever I want and damn you sexist if you tell me no I’ll just use an executive order Kamala Harris I think would rather not throw her weight around she seems the kind that instead would just be like I dare you to resist me I dare you to try to tell me no because then I’m excited why in comments about you being a racist or a sexist and of course Kamala aznable female and non-white can choose from both she has two arrows in her identity politics quiver Elizabeth Warren is extremely white she only has one she tried to play the i’ma Cherokee card but we all saw how well that went over so their racial equity was like more housing for minorities we’re gonna build more low-income housing units so basically you’re going to expand the ghetto and put people in there without giving them any form of training whatsoever or educational opportunities so you’re gonna stick them in these low-rent ghetto ass homes and you’re gonna say that you’re its racial equity instead of allowing people to try to climb up poverty you’re gonna keep him in basically poverty anyway say it at least they got a roof over their heads yeah the roof might be degraded and their windows are all broken and there’s crack shacks all over the place because I didn’t know address the fundamental underlying problem that Democrats largely caused in the inner cities but it’s okay it’s okay if I build more projects let’s just let’s just keep them down says Elizabeth Moore extremely white Warren that’s basically her plan and Kamala Harris is such a opportunist she reminds me of like Jesse Jackson or something oh yeah well I’m black so I can speak to these issues you’re real rich though you don’t have anything in common with the inner-city communities what are you talking about you’re one of the richest people in the DEM field what was it they had a story on this about her income and stuff about how she made so much more she and her husband her husband’s a high class lawyer he’s making millions a year how much money do they make a year I can’t even remember it see it’s more than you can possibly fathom there’s some of the rich B they make Elizabeth Warren look poor I think the only person with more money is Biden and that’s only because hey former vice president for years and years I can charge five six thousand dollars a plate into speech of course he’s gonna get a lot of money but I mean Kamala Harris my goodness she doesn’t have anything in common with the inner city what the you talking about she was one of the prosecutors who went into the inner city and threw young black males in prison for ten years for having a joiner being true into school scare him straight we’re gonna give you a long sentence now so that we don’t have to give you a sense later pure Reaganite sort of done just say no dare oh it’s it’s is a gateway drug we gotta get this weed off our streets man that she’s like making tweets about smoking weed and listening to Tupac the is your problem Kamala Harris is the problem people like her opportunists who pretend these wedge issues they’re all pretend it’s just like a lot of people on the right so well I stand for white issues no you know you don’t speak for me I speak for me you speak for yourself that’s not all peace out