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Good morning to you let’s check in with Josh Bernstein who’s standing by with your news okay this is cringe-worthy folks Elizabeth high cheekbones Warren live streams from her kitchen robotically drinking a beer I’m Josh Bernstein filling in for Garry Francine the next news network according to the gateway pundit while major cringe here folks fake Indian Elizabeth Warren was hanging out in her kitchen trying to act like a normal gal just sitting in her kitchen drinking a beer trying to connect you know with those younger 2020 potential voters Warren used her Instagram livestream video of hersel…

Continue reading… rom her kitchen knocking back a cold one shortly after announcing her 2020 exploratory committee on Monday Elizabeth Warren copied the commie princess Alexandria occasional cortex with her live stream kitchen hangout occasional cortex recently did a similar thing to connect with her young voters as well Elizabeth Warren acted surprised that her husband Bruce suddenly appeared in the shot and in the kitchen like that wasn’t planned as if it was not normal for a man to be looking around in the kitchen for something to eat she offered her husband a beer then thanked him for supporting her I’m glad you’re here sweetie Warren said to her husband Pocahontas then leaned forward so she could read off the names of the Instagram users who joined her livestream as she swooped down her beer watch this video of Elizabeth Warren trying to act like one of us from the kitchen of her multi-million dollar Victoria home in Cambridge Massachusetts got here so far um Skylar and 14 others hello the knees high 49 good to see you who else have we got Kenny is that right any of the boys Oh glad to see is that greenie God as well that’s a name I’d like to have so or is my mother always referred to me the surprise you know you know you know it’s one of the things that that we had to decide was when to do this I never thought I was going to run for politics any kind of elected office so who else have we got here Darth it’s good to see you Tommy I’m glad you’re here you know that’s what gets me in this fight that’s what makes me excited so here’s to 2019 and changing the world happy new year bye-bye on Monday Pocahontas officially launched her 2020 exploratory committee and posted a video to social media the four and a half minute video Warren posted painted a very dark picture of the united states warren echoed socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders and railed against millionaires and billionaires oddly Pocahontas didn’t mention not one time her Native American Heritage in her campaign video but she did lash out at top fox news reporters such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity this woman is pathetic okay she must be a member of the liar Wafaa tribe and she’s going nowhere in 2020 okay folks look she won’t even get the Native American vote I guarantee you that so she can run she can do what she wants I think if she even had any slight chance at all she would have to get the three hundred and fifteen year old Bernie Sanders to come along with her for the ride if she was even to get any traction at all what are your thoughts please put them down in the comments below give us a like give us a share continue to watch the next news network I’m Josh Bernstein filling in for Gary Franchi if you want to learn more about me check out the Josh Bernstein show on YouTube we’ll see in the next report I hope you enjoyed that report now it’s time to have a serious conversation what would you do if disaster strikes is your family ready earthquakes hurricanes grid failure the Middle East war spiraling out of control these are all real threats so do not delay okay I don’t want your family to perish in a disaster go to prepare with Gary calm right now to prep your family if disaster strikes do not be caught off guard you will regret not getting the survival food that I trust for my family at prepare with Gary dot-com head on over there right now the link is right below for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next News Network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral in the Channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here