‘Emotional’ Melania Trump visits former slave trading castle in Ghana | Entertainment News

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Melania Trump visited a seventeenth-century castle that was used to house slaves in gone on Wednesday is her solo tour of Africa continued the first lady said she was very emotional during her visit to cape coast castle and described it as something she would never forget [Music] the castle is one of dozens scattered along Africa’s Gold Coast which was originally built by European traders but then used to have slaves and dungeons before shipping them overseas they are characterized by what was referred to as a door of no return an archway on the Seaboard side of the castle which slaves were forced…

Continue reading… walk through to be lowered onto boats and taken to cargo ships [Music] First Lady Melania Trump visits the cape coast castle a former slave trading port in Ghana on Wednesday as her solo tour of Africa continues the first lady was given a tour by museum educator quasi SL blank son she described the visit as very emotional Melania described the castle as something that people should see an experience [Music] the site was where slaves were held before being shipped out in Africa President Obama visited the site in 2009 and said it was an example of the evil humans are capable of [Music] Melania who has so far spent her time in Africa visiting children in schools and hospital patients said the castle is really something that people should see an experience she added that it was a special place the first lady was suitably dressed down for her tour and a pair of khaki slacks a green jacket and some snakeskin loafers her visit to Ghana has not been met with the same enthusiasm as Obama’s was in 2009 [Music] locals said on Tuesday that you wouldn’t know about milania’s trip unless you were following the news where his residents packed the streets and stood on rooftops to catch a glimpse of Obama the son of a frico nine years ago during his visit