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All right everyone hell hasn’t frozen over so this is just more proof that Trump’s fourth of July speech really sort of did it hit all the marks that he needed to hit and was basically I mean as far as Trump goes one for the ages I suppose CNN link in the description archived of course even CNN’s analysis was that it was a good speech Ted is sort of blindsides the left because they were all expecting it to be hyper politically they imagined being like you know you’re the CEO of CN they’re selling and you’ve said well we’re not gonna air the Trump speech because it’s gonna be divisive and polit…

Continue reading… l and this is the fourth of July and for some reason this holiday that’s about people taking up arms against their own government over gun control and excessive taxation it’s not a political holiday no it’s it has nothing to do with that by the way the one thing that peeved me about Trump and this is a continuous facet of when they make speeches is Trump too refers to the people rising up against the British they were British citizens at the time they were British subjects they were rising up against their own government it’s important to understand just because you declare independence doesn’t make you independent they had to fight for it at the time they were still recognized as British citizens they were fighting their own troops and their own government that their excessive taxation oddly enough actually supported that’s what the Revolution was really about it was a revolution against their own tyrannical government something that should happen more in this world I think but even CNN praising the speech my goodness to get CNN I mean on the on Trump’s best day CNN will give him half-hearted praise at most for something minor before then unleashing a tidal wave of things that they hate about him with this one it was almost unqualified though it’s like well knows it was not political and it was what he was well-spoken and other than a few verbal gaffes which is true like for instance at one point he was talking about the Continental Army storming airports and it’s fairly clear that a drop of water or something on the teleprompter made their ports look like airports now he’s giving a teleprompter speech he’s not sitting there trying to think through every line because if you’re doing that you’re not delivering a good speech that’s the whole point of a teleprompter something either someone has put a typo on there or it was water on the screen or a glitched out or something it’s not a big deal though and Trump has come out and explained that it was indeed a glitch it was very funny to see that be like the big takeaway from like the MSNBC’s and the BuzzFeed’s oh haha Trump is poorly spoken because he made a mistake I would challenge anybody any single individual at BuzzFeed or MSNBC or any of these other groups stand up in front of a million or so people and give an hour-long speech even with a teleprompter and try not to make a single mistake they won’t be able to do it by and large and that’s that’s with the teleprompter telling you what to say now they would stumble over their words or they would be wooden and robotic looking and it wouldn’t look natural it’s like there’s a reason that I don’t use notes when I’m making these videos if I were to read from notes I’d be pausing and I’d be making mistakes it wouldn’t be as good that there wouldn’t be any flow there I prefer to speak in this manner just despite it was spontaneity because even if I go off the rails and rant sometimes it doesn’t really make a difference I thought that SIA Trump did an excellent job though is probably the best speech so far of his presidency um I have to imagine that it helps with some of those center-right voters that have been kind of shaky in their support of Trump because a lot of times I think they assume that he is actually unhinged part of that spy design he’s trying to project an unhinged image for foreign policy reasons like with trade wars and stuff like that to prevent our enemies were tacking us or dicking around with tariffs it makes sense to use the Kissinger strategy that’s why very early on in his presidency he was meeting with Henry Kissinger II did that for a reason he didn’t do that out of the blue to say oh I I’ve always wanted to meet this dude who almost blew up the world it seems like a good idea to me so I’m gonna go and have a meet and greet this totally won’t alienate any of my fans that are like you know flighty and easily black pill of course it did but it was a calculated effort oh he wanted it to be very visible when he was meeting with Kissinger for very good reasons CNN gives Trump how many stories has CNN released since Trump’s presidency began or even back when he was campaigning how many stories there have been actually positive about anything that Trump has done not for many only a very small number you could probably count on your fingers how many stories in the last two years have been positive about Trump from CNN specifically on a whether it’s you know on the news itself like the cable news or whether it’s on their half-assed website you probably counted on your fingers this is probably the most positive one that they’ve released maybe this is a harbinger of Scott Adams prediction that parts of the legacy media would start stumping for Trump simply because they’re terrified he could actually lose and then they would you know they lose their their free lunch so to speak what else are they going to talk about that’s gonna whip people up into a frenzy be funny watching him try to get something else to get people into a fake outrage mob it’d be funny to see all the pearl collectors get totally exhausted because Trump’s no longer there like yeah I mean if he even if he wins re-election you’re just kicking the can down the road for years before you probably have some boring neoliberal neocon president that will undo some of the progress Trump is made where in a brief golden period before we probably sink back into you know Bush Obama bullsháá day hopefully it saves our nation you know a lot of trouble down the road but the fact is that we might not get a populist Republican or a populist Democrat the next time around it’s funny to see them try to label Warren a populist I’m sitting there chuckling my ass up I’m like yes you can’t be a populist and a globalist at the same time you can’t be an open borders populist it’s impossible because that’s another way of saying you’re just globalist and neoliberal but CNN is a literal fake news to see them actually praise Trump it’s like topsy-turvy day this is this is a sort of thing that happens only once in a very very rare time Trump must have read this and chuckled because he’s like oh haha finally so finally I managed to do something that didn’t that they couldn’t really you know pick apart and find anything wrong with and the people that are talking about is verbal errors like you know it’s just sour grapes at that point this looks petulant I’m not saying the far-left doesn’t look childish anyway but extra childish like they’ve they’ve regressed from 10 year olds to 7 year olds or something they’ve gotten even more infantile and whiny that’s about all P cell