Every other living president just called B.S on Trump | Trump for lying about them | Trending News

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this should have been done by all of the presidents that preceded me and they all know it some of them have told me that we should have done it every other living president just called BS on Trump for lying about them in massive whopper with the recent Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives president Trump finds his ludicrous border wall pet project stopped dead in its tracks since he lacks the power to push through funding now he has doubled down on his hysterical rhetoric in a transparent and pathetic attempt to shame Democrats by painting them as apathetic to some imagined …

Continue reading… sis on our southern border the Democrats for their part seem content to let trump vainly thrash about he has already claimed the government shutdown as his responsibility so the longer it continues the worse he ends up looking he has no leverage this past Friday President Trump delivered a rambling incoherent lie filled press conference in the White House Rose Garden not surprisingly much of his time was devoted to pushing for the wall at one point he said that the wall should have been built by one of his predecessors and then made the outlandish claim that not only do the former presidents know they should have built a wall but that some of them have even told Trump as much personally of course anybody who watched the clip would have found the claim dubious at best not only does it seem unlikely that any of our living presidents would confide in Trump but it’s also patently absurd to think any of them would be in support of his wasteful wall now the truth has emerged and not surprisingly it turns out Trump was lying MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin reports that every living president has now confirmed individually that they did not say what Trump claimed they did under normal circumstances getting caught in such an obvious embarrassing lie would be a major black eye for any politician unfortunately most of the country knows by now that President Trump is a pathological liar his supporters simply do not care even so the media would be serving the American people well if they asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about this lie during her next press briefing if Trump is going to lie to the country at the very least he must be called out for it