Ex-wife opens up about abuse claim against Cubs’ Russell | Entertainment News

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The ex-wife of Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell says she only recently became ready to discuss her abuse allegations against her former husband who remains on leave ahead of the MLB postseason [Music] MLB placed Russell on leave last Friday after his ex-wife Melissa Reedy Russell alleged in a blog post that he verbally and physically abused her during their marriage [Music] under the collective bargaining agreement the league can place players on leave for as long as two weeks [Music] russell’s leave is currently set to span ten days running through the end of the regular season after th…

Continue reading… ead extended it on Thursday the leaf had been investigating Russell since allegations became public in June but Reedy Russell had not been cooperating with the inquiry according to multiple reports that has changed and she has provided the league with new information [Music] last year when MLB contacted me I wasn’t ready said readier wrestle for an ESPN interview I didn’t know what was the right thing to do I didn’t even believe in myself enough to think I should do that cooperate [Music] I just left my husband and all this blew up share this article share Russell 24 and Rita Russell were divorced in August after 19 months of marriage they had a son in late 2015 shortly before they were married but Rita Russell says she wanted to wait for her divorce to be final before talking to MLB investigators and even then her attorneys warned her that might not be in her best interest financially shortstop Addison Russell 24 reached the majors in 2015 and played well enough in 2016 to earn an all-star selection I planned to meet with MLB and then was advised it might not be in my best interest she said but Rita Russell says she eventually felt like she had a duty to tell her story and potentially help others [Music] it wasn’t sitting right with me she said I took it upon myself to do what I needed to do regardless what could happen financially I know that I’m going too