Exclusive: Korean Radio 1 DJ Peggy Gou reveals why BTS and K-pop are taking over the world | Trending News

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exclusive Korean radio 1 DJ Peggy reveals why BTS and kpop are taking over the world Korean house DJ and new addition to the Radio 1 lineup Peggy has revealed why gay pop acts such as BTS are becoming a phenomenon in the charts in the UK and globally the band recently became the first kpop act tune avatar 40 single in the UK following their single Idol landing at number 21 becky spoke exclusively to at the Desperados de Passavant in Venice which saw Peggy DJ in an underwater tunnel submerged in a 42 meter deep swimming pool waiting in on BTS popularity she said they are huge the thing is I don’t know their music but I know of them as someone that has the same nationality if they are smashing it in their own way and they’re recognizing it because of Korea I am proud they all have their own thing some people used to be like where are you from Korea Oh Korea where is that but because of this kpop they slowly know about the country more and they’re killing it so it’s the same nationality I’m proud I don’t know any of the music I don’t hear the music kpop is very catchy you hear at once and it’s in your head if you look at Z other that’s something that no one ever did and the people are like what the fk and they loved it because it’s so catchy you want to forget about it but the song is still there when you go to bed I think that’s what it is elsewhere PEGI recently landed her own radio one residency where she’ll kool aid everything from jazz and old-school funk to some rarer tracks the 28 year old counts radio ones Benji B and Annie Mac as close friends and has been overwhelmed by their support speaking about the Desperados deep pass event Peggy said I’ve been lucky enough to DJ all over the world but playing at the deepest dance forever at the world’s deepest pool for Desperados deep house is an epic first for me it was a unique experience to see people expressing themselves in their own way on the dance floor to my music it shows if you have the right mindset the world is your dance floor the Desperados deep past party was produced by allow and also featured magnetic man member artwork on the line-up the event allowed partygoers to submerge themselves on an underwater dance floor and later snorkel around the aqua dance room which also featured a laser show bubble cannons and underwater dancers