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Facing Trump’s wall prediction comes true 16 states raising against him Donald said this would happen is her state wine of them most Democrats think there’s nothing wrong with thousands of migrants bombarding our border in fact they all but encourage it but clearly anyone with a brain would call that an emergency president Trump took the bold step to declare a national emergency to get the border wall finished now 16 liberal run states are seeking to undermine his presidential authority from Breitbart the state of California and 15 other states sued President Donald Trump on Monday over his decla…

Continue reading… ion Friday of a national emergency and his plans to redirect federal funds to the construction of a wall on the southern border it decries what it calls President Donald J Trump’s flagrant disregard of fundamental separation of powers principles ingrained in the United States Constitution Democrats new motto is when all else fails assume they can’t win over Americans they refuse to work with the president so their only option is to abuse the courts to prevent Trump from making America great again but Donald’s not putting up with this nonsense from Twitter as I predicted 16 States led mostly by open border Democrats and the radical left have filed a lawsuit and of course the Ninth Circuit California the state that has wasted billions of dollars on their out-of-control fast train with no hope of completion seems in charge there’s always a chance the super liberal 9th Circuit Court sides with these states and which states are they here’s the list California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Illinois Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Jersey New Mexico New York Oregon and Virginia is her state on the list the Democrats running these states should be ashamed for trying to keep a sudden border open but Trump’s not going to let them get away with it the border is a significant issue that will go all the way to the Supreme Court you have to have a secure board or Democrats are doing everything they can to prevent a safe secure America this issue might be decided by the SCOTUS but we know the American people are behind the president share if you support Trump’s border wall emergency source Breitbart Twitter comment your opinion below the video share and like video if you find this information useful don’t forget to subscribe channel for more video your support means the law to us wake up channel bring you the truth thanks for watching [Music]