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James J McLaren 28 climbed in to have been on the night out in Sunderland city centre and suffered fatal injures when the rubbish was collected in the early hours [Music] Ryon Medlock and Paul Jeffrey who work for Mac’s recycle we’re on that night and emptied the bin containing mr. McLaren into the back of their truck [Music] the next day his body was found at a waste recycling center in a statement to the court they said they saw or heard nothing to suggest that anyone had climbed into one of the 1,100 litre refuse containers on the first day of the inquest yesterday at Sunderland Civic Centre …

Continue reading… McClaren’s step-brother Ken Morley approached the two binman and shook their hands [Music] he told them from our family we hope that you don’t have any problems resulting from this incident we don’t place any blame on you as a family my brother’s actions on that day have affected us all but we hope it doesn’t affect you at all [Music] he told the coroner we just hoped that his death wasn’t in vain and that no one else is to go through this [Music] J McLaren pictured here with his fiancee Kellyanne Wilde worked as a machinist at a printing company the hearing was told that mr. McLaren who worked as a machinist er at a printing company had been on a night out on Friday December 22nd with football teammates and was last seen walking down an alleyway mr. Marley said that the family posted an appeal for information on Facebook when they couldn’t contact him the following day the family then tracked his location using the Find My iPhone app and traced it to the max recycle center in sexual edge potin and the search of rubbish was carried out [Music] at 9:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve Patrick Roach a director of the recycling firm spotted mr. McClaren’s body thanks to his distinctive green and white health jumper [Music] recycling vents just yards from where mr. McLaren was last seen he told the hearing our company has emptied over 5 million Ben’s and never had an incident like this [Music] Detective Sergeant Steve Robinson of Northumbria Police told how the CCTV footage from the night showed mr. McLaren checking bus timetables and then at 4:00 fifteen am the last known sighting turning right into an alleyway dug at five point sixty nine the Ben lorry driven by mr. Medlock entered the lane to collect the rubbish leaving at 519 m dot the police officer described how mr. McLaren had appeared happy and upbeat talking to quite