Fearless woman celebrates 99th birthday with indoor skydive | Entertainment News

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A 99 year old woman has celebrated her birthday by fulfilling her lifelong dream of indoor skydiving John Philips shown age is no barrier to fun when she mastered the wind inside a purpose-built flight simulation chamber in Milton Keynes [Music] immediately after her flight Joan who felt like she was on cloud nine said it was wonderful awesome and I just wanted to go higher and higher I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again I feel so fit and it feels as if I’ve had a long holiday Joan who has dressed in a blue flight suit can be seen smiling as the instructor helps her withstand the wings [Mu…

Continue reading… ] as she moves around the dome Joan has shown how to keep her legs out and where to put her arms [Music] share this article share for a split second she almost breaks free from the experts grasp and swoops towards the side but he soon pulls her back the ninety nine year old was taken to the IFL lie center by the general manager of her King’s Lynn care home Goodwin’s Hall general manager Joe nog kayo Lee said she is an incredible woman in a great example to us all she has such a positive attitude towards life and we wanted to help make her dream come true [Music] other visitors to the indoor flying Center were impressed by Jones flight and can be seen smiling and recording her as she moves around the wind tunnel [Music] Toby swallow who also works at the care home said Jones a great example to us if there’s a party to be it or something exciting to try she’s always the first one next year she’d like to give wing-walking ago she’s growing old disgracefully in the absolute best of ways [Music] Goodwin’s hall is a part of Athena care home UK limited enter a small family-run business with award-winning care homes in Cambridge here in Norfolk [Music] IFL why is the UK’s first purpose-built wind tunnel providing the popular indoor skydiving or body