FOX Hires Disgraced former DNC Head Donna Brazille: You Were Saying, FOX Fans? | Trending News

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All right everyone the other day it was announced that Fox News is hiring Donna Brazile and I’m sitting there saying fuck and I told you so again because there’s still some people so-called conservatives some of them are like ideological II and they just for some odd reason they’ve got it in their brains that Fox is their friend or something Fox never came out against censorship with the you know obvious aside of Tucker Carlson who has been basically shafted over years old comments because Fox are a bunch of cowards and refused to defend him they’ve never defended against tech censorship they’…

Continue reading… basically like the cuck network really when you think about it and now Donna Brazile is on board now what do we know Donna Brazile for she was the liar that was the interim DNC head that is after debbie Wasserman Schultz leaves because of the email scandal among other things and then is a total Clintonian sal donna brazile briefly comes in to fill that slot and gets a canned in favor of perez now Donna Brazile was the one that initially when the DNC emails were leaked she said that she contradicted herself in the same statement that she made the first statement she made was hey this is stolen property so you shouldn’t be looking at it but you know it might not be the real emails I think like trying to waffle around on it and saying that they’re not real emails but they’ve been stolen so they are real basically I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about and I’m just lying through my teeth because I’m trying to save face people like Donna Brazile one of the main reasons why Clinton lost that lack of trust among voters I think really took a toll the Fox uh yeah they’re totally not sellouts dude like that like they sometimes have tucker carlson on there or that dude on the five that rants red-faced and you know hollowly threatens to kick juan williams off the set for saying stupid shit they’re totally not a sellout network everyone know there exactly did these seven-figure pundits working for a multi-billion dollar corporation that’s owned by a multinational founded by an australian fucker yeah they represent like total you know blue-collar salt-of-the-earth style US interests yeah they represent the average working right winger that’s something like bullshit now Fox has been one of the worst networks for lies and bullshit and spin and slander throughout time you look back at the Bush administration they bent over fucking backwards sucking their own ass to defend george w bush and his war mongering adventurism and as is his hatred of everything united states and his love of bombing people around the world oh they couldn’t get enough of him or when bill o’reilly before they got tired of him because you know apparently he’s costing them a lot of money on settlements for alleged sexual impropriety you’ll remember bill o’reilly thing once a year basically it was the war on christmas special Oh bullshit and then Glenn Beck who also got canned off the network briefly interesting for the first week or so when it’s like wow somebody rambling about George Soros and something new on Fox News and now he still does that to this day except now he sort of is a George Soros ally or something and I’m not even sure anymore and I don’t think he is either their network is full of losers for the most part any actual conservative that comes along and I say this is a non conservative but anyone that actually represents that ideology that ends up on their network at all is a token there like then basically the the laughingstock the punching bag for all of the Rhinos that they hire all of the neo cons which aren’t conservative at all the McKay nights will beat up on him or they get shafted at some point this multi-billion dollar parent company firms certainly doesn’t lean on Fox a totally independent dude it was totally independent and aboveboard and it’s totally normal that they would hire Donna Brazile of all people what dirt on who exactly was responsible for getting this hiring put through because i can’t imagine the average foxnews viewer is a big fan of the former head of the DNC literally one of the central figures of the Clinton email server fallout I mean uh the the Clinton email fallout I can’t imagine that though done so so a far left lady who ran the DNC briefly and lied to everyone now it’s gonna be your new contributor to a wonderful time what exactly is so Fox’s enabling her really really oddly I mean I wonder if any of these companies that do business with Fox it’s like well the left always pressures the advertisers right so they’re like Tucker Carlson said XY and Z ten years ago so you should can him put him on vacation which he may or may not return from that sort of thing happens I wonder if any of the advertisers will flee because Donna Brazile is coming on board yeah probably not considering they’re all corporatist to see that’s how it works what do you think is degrading the internet when the online culture is being degraded not by independent users but by a bunch of spew from corporations that want more and more seats at the table because corporations are people they just happen to be shitty people that’s really what I think about it donna brazile is a hack it’s like she couldn’t even manage the DNC when she was there briefly what exact expertise does she supposedly have that would convince them that they need to pay her a bunch of money to contribute shit to Fox News doesn’t make any sense what exactly they how in the hell is this a good strategic moves like fox is riding high I mean within the legacy media at least within the dying Cable media Fox and MSNBC are the ones basically duking it out they’ve already destroyed CNN CNN that was sort of up there has been totally decimated in the ratings it’s now a war between Fox representing supposedly the right wing and MSNBC supposedly representing the left wing so they have no other real competition within that giant pond that’s slowly draining and you think that they could last a long time but then they need to do stupid shit like this be interesting to see what her ratings are in any slot that she’s on properly pretty low thank goodness that’s about all peace out