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All right everyone I had to bump this story twice so it’s a little bit dated but we still have to talk about it’s like how do you know that the legacy media is corrupt and colludes together oh when Fox News is filing a brief in support of CNN over the Jim Acosta SH you see for those living under rock Jim Acosta was hogging the microphone and being disruptive and he’s done this before and at a White House press briefing with Trump and a White House staffer tried to grab the microphone he sort of pushed her hand away now Trump fans tried to say that was assault it’s not assault he was slightly p…

Continue reading… ing her hand out of the way to keep her from grabbing the mic that being said the White House press pool is an at-will position the press passes that are issued or issued at will Trump doesn’t have to have any single reporter there he could just prop up a camera in that room livestream it on YouTube and on twitch and and let the reporters you know contact remotely maybe or something he doesn’t have to have any journalists over there there’s nothing in the First Amendment that guarantees the right that people who work for three-letter named corporations get to go and disrupt the President of the United States and then call it free speech it’s not there if you think that a White House press pass is part of the First Amendment that every American is do one in the most literal sense the press is not not a corporate entity it’s not hey I’ve got a master’s degree in journalism it’s you’re engaging in activities of the press it’s an activity it’s not a group the press is not a body of people it’s all of the people insofar as they engage in a certain activity it’s sort of like the militia the militia is not a group of guys that have plate carriers and ar-15s and rows around and in the Mojave you know patrolling out there that’s not what the militia is the militia is every able-bodied person capable of bearing arms this is what it is it’s not a specific slice of the people unless you’re saying okay well the very elderly lunatics and children aren’t included in that body everyone else is part of the militia the unorganized militia later on you get an organized militia that was largely naval in nature for the first 100 years but you again most people don’t understand that side of military history but the corporate media the corporate press which it is it’s very very funny see I thought Fox and CNN were bitter competitors if they constantly talk about how evil and insane the other group is well at least until the last couple of years now they fundamentally agree on Trump that being you know Hitler or Stalin or something he’s the Russian Hitler Fox and CNN these two trade blows all the time to soar like Fox and MSNBC or some of these other rivalries you see they’re supposedly competitors and rivals alike ha ha ha our ratings soared your ratings collapsing you have you seen on some of these Fox panels over the last year as CNN has been in steady decline it’s like number 5 for cable networks now or even lower it’s lost literally millions of daily viewers they lost 50% of its viewership for some insane amount over the course of a single year this is have some some crazy double digit number like if I lost that proportion of my subscribers I’d be in a mental breakdown mode now they apparently think it’s just fine because they fled over to fox or MSNBC some of them are partisan networks literally so networks that don’t just say Trump orange man bad they actually delve occasionally into actual political platforms or selling the Democrats especially have been reluctant to do Fox and CNN have traded bitter jabs oh my god yo CNN say Fox is just a mouthpiece for the evil Trump regime they excuse war they’re a bunch of bible-thumping bigots look at you look at me look at their network the way they dress their women as a fox that cannot say all those commies over there there’s the mouthpiece for the DNC ha ha Clinton emails show literally campaign colluding with CNN and some of these groups they’re just a bunch of of wackadoodle pinko liberals they say this all the time and then all of a sudden after years of insulting one another and personally attacking one another and Glenn claiming that the other part of the group of people is like Satan incarnate all of a sudden Trump makes a mean tweet ejects one reporter for being repeatedly disruptive and all of a sudden oh no no no this is an attack on the First Amendment it’s an attack on the press and it’s an attack on all journalists oh my god you ejected someone for being disruptive and preventing other journalists from asking their questions the the so-called assault of Jim Acosta and this staffer that never met that’s not assault and I don’t care about it he was disrupting other other legacy media journals these people make six and seven-figure salaries they have the same at will White House press pass they have a right to ask their questions Trump said okay sit back down next person please no no no mr. president I’m gonna sit here and badger you even after you’ve answered the question this is my right as a journalistic ethical individual as part of the press no it’s not and for Fox to file at a legal brief in favor of CNN what legal standing do you have to claim in a million years that it violates the rights of the Free Press if a disruptive reporter who has been repeatedly disruptive and politically partisan is ejected when that firm CNN has two other journalists already in the press pool and is more than welcome to get anybody else from CNN to fill a Costas slot Trump didn’t say oh I’m booting CNN out I’m giving you the cold shoulder and he could he could boot out CNN altogether say no I’m not gonna let you ask me questions at all I’m not gonna let CNM come to my rallies I’m not gonna let it come to the press meetings I’m not gonna let it talk to me I’m gonna tell my staff not to answer your questions and ignore you if you confront them on the street I’m gonna shut CNN out entirely he could do that if he was unwise enough to think it was a good political strategy he hasn’t done that though he forced out one disruptive individual if a person is asking questions doing nothing wrong whatever that’s a right of free speech and in their case free press it’s being disseminated further than just in the interpersonal context it is not a right of the freeze press or a free speech nor does it have anything whatsoever to do with the fifth amendment that they’re that invoking that has nothing to do with the whole situation in any way shape or form none of those things apply to you having some sort of right to disrupt others free speech that’s what he’s doing he’s disrupting other people including several CNN journals and he’s making a fool of himself he’s not making CNN look good even other journals that pointed this out hey this isn’t a good look for you you need to calm down and stop being disruptive you’re not bothering Trump you badger him for ten seconds it’s ten seconds out of his day he can walk off the podium at any time say by meeting over because I keep being disruptive and disrupted he doesn’t give a but the other journals there can’t answer get their questions answered because they didn’t make Trump irate so a leave sooner he gets distracted and goes off the rails and has to say you’re a nasty person fake news and all that stuff Jim in Jim Acosta is he’s a propagandist he’s not even a journalist all he does is spin and have bias anyway it’s his right to do that it’s the right of CNN to present fake news as though it was real the Supreme Court has already weighed in the news doesn’t have to be you know actually objectively true it’s it’s not even defamation for some reason if it’s about public officials in the general sense so you have the right to do that and Trump has the right to have you ejected from the press pool if Fox News game ovah eject what a Fox News is reporters to just for good measure their fake news to I mean one of the fakest they have been since certainly the Iraq war era remember when Bill O’Reilly said well it’s their patriotic duty as Americans you know back when he was on Fox before I kicked him off for being an old pervert allegedly gave him his golden parachute severance package of eight figures or more back in those good old days when Bill O’Reilly on there it’s your patriotic duty to support the president in his invasion then shut up once it begins just shut the up good Patriots don’t ask too many questions because our presidents got an R after his name and claims to be a cowboy and I kind of like to do you invite me to his wedding or some crazy and then of course he’s doing you know crazy allegedly again with some of the female interns and reporters there including probably megyn kelly who probably made passes at her you know it’s back then and it wouldn’t be a reason not to I don’t think she was married at the time and apparently it was never like into getting married women to do things with him again allegedly but they get settled these cases so you get five different allegations five different settlements doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened Fox apparently took it seriously enough to pay out millions of dollars just support the president well where’s Bill O’Reilly now to say that about Trump on his sheet Eve caught a podcast by the way if you look at his channel it’s like there’s the old media dwarfs this dude he used to be literally number one on cable and yet in several years of putting things on his podcast on YouTube how many views does he get per video it’s lower than what I get and that’s after in the last few months he’s actually ballooned significantly in support so it’s hilarious he’s actually managed to gain like thirty thousand subs of the course last month a congratulations by the way vir it’ll take you a couple years but you’ll probably end up with millions of fans on YouTube yeah YouTube doesn’t have any problem with neo cons like O’Reilly by the way that’s about all peace out