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All right everyone Joe Biden’s a little brother thinks that he indeed will be making a 2020 run we’ve actually got a second announcement with tulsi gabbard officially throwing her hat and the ringers would be funny so the clown car is filling up Warren is probably going to run Biden insiders apparently hinting yeah there’s a high likelihood I still think the jury’s out but it’s possible Gabbard running that so that’s pretty packed right there because you still have some see to your candidates as well that have basically decided to run meanwhile a vanadis not Sanders if I had to take a while to…

Continue reading… ess won’t run Clinton it would be funny to see her run again I’d be funny to see her lose against Joe Biden who she beat up on actually in 2008 along with Obama he was sort of third place if I remember it correctly well it would be funny I don’t think so so you’ve already got you know enough people in the field at least potentially to have a viable race if you have too many people it becomes a freak show be a little bit like the Republic you know the Republicans in the last election as opposed to the Democrats one thing that I think the Democrats want to avoid is the appearance and it turned out to be true of coronation that is they had last time Hillary Clinton Sanders was the throwaway punching bag and then three single-issue candidates that never got any traction one dropped out after the first debate the other two lingered on for the I think the second or third and O’Malley leaves finally after getting two to three percent in most of the early States wowie and after talking about his green by 2050 or whatever it was planned that was still the funniest part of the whole election that are the hands references by the way I may have solved the webcam issue we’re gonna see what happens no I I think looking at it like this Joe Biden if he gets in is the front-runner right away he has the most name record he has more name recognition than the others other than maybe Warren unless Clinton gets in then she is number one on that he’s considered more likable by Democrats of course now and about a third of the party wants in Iran I think that a lot of them ultimately here’s what could stop biting a lot of that support maybe just people who think he’s the only one capable of winning like they’re looking at the rest of like down Gillibrand never heard of her Gabbard never heard of her who’s Cory Booker who are these people Elizabeth Warren rubs me the wrong way a lot of them I think believe Clinton oh god help us if she gets in loses for a third time I think they’re looking at the rest of the field and a lot of the pragmatists want Biden to run the thing that can break that is if Biden makes two major mistake early on if he gets in or if someone else has a real shining moment like you saw this again in 2016 within the Republican Party there were technically at different points five different frontrunners now Trump obviously he hits his peak he maintains it because of his strategy other people become flashes in the pan over and over there’s like Ben Carson there’s Ted Cruz there was Marco Rubio Rand Paul very early on technically speaking was the first candidate to really rise up towards the higher ranks well out of the initial sort of lane he was in he was very close to being a top-tier candidate when Trump actually broke through which which must have pissed him off a bit though there they seem to be fairly friendly now um you can see that happen again but you could see a situation in which you have a Trump effect something they don’t maybe a Bloomberg comes in says off the wall says the crazy and sucks all the oxygen out of the room I would say it’s more likely that certain other candidates would do that like a Gillibrand she’s not gonna become the firebrand she’s gonna be the Gillibrand she’s gonna try to be calm and centered occasionally take a swipe at someone that’s about it more and will be the hothead she’ll implode I think early on if she runs Joe Biden has the chance to become the Democratic nominee it’s just a function of he’s old he’s wealthy and white and he’s dynastic technically speaking he’s seen as Easy’s Obama’s VP that’s what he’s known for mainly by the millennial voters they don’t know anything about how he served the Carter in history wasn’t it the Carter Administration is when he first gets into politics they don’t know anything about that or his time during the 80s and 90s they don’t know anything about the 90s other than the Clintons where they’re in gas prices were low and then they’ve invented Pokemon basically so you get situation where Biden just you know again 25-30 percent maybe 35 percent of the vote that’s a lot in a packed field you’ve already got field that has more than three people in it it’s just that the only other declared candidate with any legitimacy is Tulsi Gabbard at this point Warren has not officially declared she’s just saying mmm maybe maybe I think personally there’s a good chance she doesn’t end up running anyway because she’ll be like it if you have to form an exploratory committee it means that you’re not starting out as a top run candidate you’re sort of on the second run it’s viable but you have to work harder how hard can a 69 year old woman work especially when she’s gonna get antagonized especially if you have a bunch of other female candidates as the female candidates will strangulate each other until there’s only one left anyway because they’re all going to be compelled by the Democratic Party’s strategy to use I am a woman as a platform that you’re gonna see this weird dynamic if there are multiple female candidates where they’re trying to out woman in each other well I sponsored this bill that strengthens you know if you if you assaulted human traffic or whatever of young girls and stuff it increases the sentence oh well I made this welfare program for underprivileged inner-city girls to study basketball and they’re going to know that it’s gonna happen and it’s gonna be hilarious you know you try you saw some of the Republicans try to do this out tough guy one another but they could never match with Trump’s like Marco little late least of all because he’s like you know five foot nothing he wears lifts and he has to snort adderall or whatever in order to debate or anything and looked all disheveled by the way when he trucked did you see it he looked a little bit like Nate silver the day after the election yeah I think that Joe Biden’s a better than 50/50 chance at this point if his young brothers saying yeah I think he’s gonna run it’s a pretty good indicator because this isn’t just like oh some some long-term advisor says well well I think that Joe would make a good president I know this is his is someone who he has interpersonal contact with and had before he was ever in politics this is someone who presumably knows him and I wish him well if he decides to get in because funny part is Joe Biden ideologically not talking about his behavior but on the ideological spectrum is more sane than a lot of these other Democrats you know could actually technically speaking be viable or at the very least I don’t think he would get trashed as hard as a lot of the others if Warren runs it would be a disaster if Clinton runs it be a disaster if tulsi gabbard runs I’ll be analyzing us trust me it would be a total disaster a total wipeout election gabbard’s not electable they’re people who think that she is now I totally totally disagree that’s about all peace out