Girls’ football coach, 36, faces life after confessing to murder | Entertainment News

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A girl’s football coach faces being sentenced to life in prison today after she walked into a police station to confess to bludgeoning a teenager on crutches to death outside his home 14 years ago [Music] Carentan more now 36 attacked Scott Pritchard 19 in Sunderland in January 2004 she was never caught and went on to teach aspiring footballers aged five to eleven as part of the FA’s wildcat program but in August she walked into a police station to admit the murder after a friend urged her to come forward according to parents of the children she coached in Killingworth North Tyneside [Music]…

Continue reading… e pleaded guilty to murder via videolink from prison at her first Crown Court appearance and the plea was accepted by the reporter of New Castle judge Hall Sloane QC she will be sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court later today dot ton more had a clean criminal record so was able to cast all the background checks for the fall job reported the mirror she was suspended after news of the arrest came to light parents of her pupils said she disappeared in the early months of this year amid claims of a breakdown share this article share one called her really enthusiastic and successful saying she managed to recruit so many kids and they get bought headbands and water bottles [Music] she was never alone with the kids but it’s still hard to come to terms with what she’s done the parent added the fun would not comment that she tempts John bent of Northam