Group of Australian teens on motorbikes chase terrified emus | Entertainment News

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Shocking footage of teenagers on motorbikes terrified the news through a paddock has sparked outrage on social media the teens filmed themselves chasing the flightless birds on motorcycles and quad style bikes in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley 140 kilometers east of Melbourne [Music] the footage received nearly 50,000 views and over 1,000 shares on Facebook with many left furious by the display of animal cruelty [Music] the video emerged after a man was charged last week for animal cruelty related offenses after he filmed himself running down multiple emus with his 4wd in cow on G Victoria [Music] the 2…

Continue reading… ear old is set to appear in court in November barri Egan Lalor who filmed the new burro incident said incidents like these were not uncommon and vetted has been happening on a regular basis for around 18 months now according to the Herald Sun these people think they are above the law and can chase our beautiful wildlife she said share this article share 8.7 K shares so far 5 emus have been found on the roads because these people chased them out of the paddock [Music] you can see how frightened the emus are in video dot 1 emu has been killed and two seriously injured [Music] in the comment section ms Egon Leila also posted a photo of Inu feathers on the grass after the birds were hit by the motorbikes [Music] Michigan Lalor also added that she has reported the incident to the police and animal welfare group RSPCA in Australia a number of times Facebook users expressed anger and dismay over the incident so one clown decides to run down some of these poor defenseless animals in his 4wd just last week and now everyone decides to be a copycat what a bunch of morons these people are one comment read what the app is wrong with people these days seriously all I see is people hurting animals