Hail storm in Queensland leaves streets covered in snow | Entertainment News

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Bizarre spring storms have lashed Queensland’s coast with snow like hail covering the streets and wild winds uprooting trees and tearing apart buildings [Music] residents of Bundaberg 350 kilometers north of Brisbane were shocked to discover their backyards covered in ice which also blanketed cars and roofs [Music] families were forced to barricade themselves inside as the storm tore through the region on Sunday afternoon the roof of a council workshop was torn loose and thrown into a neighboring property Bundaberg Regional Council posted on Facebook large sections of the metal roof landed 50 metr…

Continue reading… from the workshop and narrowly missed a house nearby [Music] shops were flooded power lines and trees brought down and trees stripped to foliage the council’s Facebook proposal share this article share the small hail appeared almost snow lights as it covered streets and properties council workers SES volunteers and emergency services are working to deal with the situation [Music] manager of the grand Bundaberg hotel Shawn dr. D told The Courier Mail that the storm was cyclone life he said that the main street of the town reminded him of a winter wonderland dot more than three thousand pumps in the area lost power following the wild weather