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All right everyone today on you know something that should have been common knowledge but most people don’t even know it’s a problem most Ebola outbreaks up to half of them may never have even been quantified since the 1970s 76 I believe you get the first sort of big outbreak public gets focused on this disease that isn’t new but had never really been documented in large scope before Ebola gets quantified since then there have been a number of outbreaks of it some are small ten twenty people die some are large like the West African outbreak several years ago like the Congo outbreak now that’s …

Continue reading… led I think now 1,500 people or something it’s still growing they’re still flaring up all across the Congo it’s made it to Uganda it may take root there it turns out a pastor probably spread it to patient zero in Uganda a pastor from from nearby in Congo went across the board or interacted with a child that got infected and now I believe has died unfortunately it could take root there which would be a disaster it’s funny cuz only a week before Uganda had put out a report saying there was a higher risk of Ebola entering the country than previously thought and it’s like it enters the country and they’re like whoops yeah that was belated we probably should have told people a month ago to be more careful it makes sense that most of the outbreaks probably more than half wouldn’t be quantified because you’re thinking about the area in which some of these outbreaks happen extremely remote no real communications uplink to the outside world you get a situation where you’ve got some village where there’s you know 100 people half of them die of Ebola you may not actually hear of it because that village may not really trade with the surrounding areas more than sporadically and just because they bring tales of half their village dying to the next village doesn’t mean the other village spreads that word to the Western outside world for everyone to sort of document and know what’s going on there’s no guarantee that that happens also you probably have cases where the Ebola kills one or two people doesn’t get found out to be a bola you know they just they die now and it never spreads further because Ebola under normal circumstances is not highly infectious that’s why even though it’s hit urban areas it still it’s spread is slower than the Sun like influenza it’s not a fully airborne virus the nightmare scenario and the thing that I’ve warned over and over is it’s not the disease now it’s the disease tomorrow that you need to worry about if it mutates as as the population density of these areas increases the viruses interaction with humans will increase at a certain density it will slowly burn through the population forever if not fully quarantined which requires military force and extensive outside aid because the African governments are not strong enough and organized enough to pull something like that off it’s not possible they don’t have the medical infrastructure they don’t have the military organizational capacity the problem is that at some point inevitably if it is infected enough people one of those little viruses that gets replicated will be just right to be fully airborne and if it hits another person and infects them and that goes fully airborne from them pretty soon hundreds of millions maybe billions of people have died that’s always a possibility we know that it’s capable of significant mutation in the West Africa outbreak the reason why it killed several tens of thousands of people instead of just a few thousand is because the the first mutation made it more infectious it became more durable it became more easily and and I think I had predicted that that was probably what happened several months before the World Health Organization announced it based solely on the virus trajectory it started burning through people a lot faster thankfully a second mutation started inoculating people essentially naturally vaccinating them against Ebola by infecting them with an asymptomatic variant that meant that a lot of people they became immune and then of course people who had already recovered they’ve had Ebola they’re not going to get it again and then the aid workers started using better equipment I’m sure that that helped the problem is the current outbreak is in a warzone it’s in a civil war zone and you have a population that’s shown an astonishing willingness to attack aid workers to go in lewd Ebola wards to attack aid vehicles and try to you know hijack them and stuff for their civil war effort how do you get a lid on the situation the military gets involved they’ve already been pushed back against the aid workers wanted more soldiers for defense because you know we’re getting attacked do you know people are getting killed and then that in the international community the bigwig in Europe we’re like oh no that’ll frighten the natives so to speak like Oh having a bunch of soldiers around will keep people from coming in when they’re sick well yeah it’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario but if I’m an aid worker I’m not even gonna be willing to work if you don’t supply enough muscle to defend me if I’m gonna sit there risking my life already just by interacting with Ebola patients I don’t also want the possibility of some guerrilla movement coming through the window looting the ward and shooting me or stealing is saying get out of your suit we want that too you know we’ll rinse it off with hot water before we sell it on the black market we can get $10 for this ship my goodness it’s a terrible scenario the more terrible scenario though is that it mutates further and still doesn’t matter how bad it gets that the World Health Organization’s still not declaring it an international emergency still not willing to call it what it is they don’t want to frighten people but they really don’t want to do is admit to the world hey Ebola has taken hold in a major metropolitan zone in a civil war zone with several concurrent outbreaks of other tropical diseases we don’t have a lid on the situation it’s zero percent contained we’re getting attacked and there’s not a whole lot we can do they’re afraid that if the world wakes up to the threat that is Ebola they’ll demand a significant international military response they will demand that the whole area be cordoned off by by international forces that’s what they’re worried about they’re worried that it’ll become a political fiasco and they’re not entirely wrong so what exactly is going to be done about it well the time to to take care of Ebola was yesterday to develop an effective vaccine they’ve got an experimental vaccine that shows some promise but despite the fact that they deployed a hundred thousand doses in this part of Congo it still seems to be chewing through people at a fairly rapid pace and now we’re finding out you know and this is something you could have inferred anyway it doesn’t take a genius to at least surmise this that a lot of these outbreaks have never even been quantified because they could take place again in a rural area with less communication but now it’s in Betemit MO where people actually have internet access and they’re paved roads and streetlights and things like that you know it’s not a first world city but it’s got infrastructure it’s got an airport it’s got electricity and plumbing and things like that it’s a nightmare yeah they could get a lot worse though at any at any moment the virus could mutate go fully airborne take hold and then you know a month later a hundred thousand people are sick all over the world and it begins spreading like the Black Plague it is possible for that to happen in an age of international travel and higher population densities it could go Spanish flu molding it could become highly infectious the best case scenario if it does something like that is it becomes less deadly or there’s an asymptomatic variant that starts vaccinating people naturally because apparently their experimental vaccine isn’t 100% effective and their serums is basically worthless the experimental Syria serum that they’ve been administering lowers the death rate by like what 10 20 % well you know well ok my my odds of dying of this are a little bit less than 50% yay see the problem is even if you survive Ebola it your vascular system and your lymphatic system and gives you a PTSD and all sorts of terrible things happen to you you’ll be sickly most of the time for the rest of your life it seems well that’s a that would suck even worse than died rather just die of the Ebola at that point just like yeah at least we live in a country with the 2nd amendment that makes that easier I suppose that’s about all P so