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All right everyone it’s time to talk about the oddity of the today’s Democratic Party in which Bernie Sanders has come to the rude realization that he’s not actually considered far left by Democratic Party standards anymore remember a few years ago when he was cast off his too far out and couldn’t get votes well now he’s not far out enough Julian Castro coming out and of course Julian Castro early honest said he’s one of the people who can actually fight off Trump percent potentially not because of policy on policies gone you know further left than Bernie Sanders literally on some issues which…

Continue reading… would be problematic but he’s got the speaking skills and he’s got the stage presence he’s not being taken seriously and so he’s trying to punch up because there’s nothing below him he’s like dead last Gillibrand I’d be doing the same thing it’s harder for her because she’s cultivated an image of being sort of more more professional istic Julian Castro he’s going full maverick mode I suppose he’s calling out Bernie Sanders for not backing reparations now that’s a misnomer you shouldn’t be using that term at all the real term is stealing what happens when the US government says okay we’re gonna take a bunch of taxpayer money because the government doesn’t generate its own revenue and give it to one specific group of people irrespective of their current situation based on past events and stealing I like how they bring up Native Americans no we shouldn’t and preparation should have been paid to anybody in this country it’s always been a mistake to put one group of people separate from the other outside of the core of just being American has always been wrong affirmative action is wrong differentials within treatment are inherently unconstitutional number one they blatantly breach equal protection under the law yes that includes affirmative action because again use the metaphor of two loaves of bread being offered in one store they’re both the same price of basically the same now all of a sudden you market one of them you have signs up in front of the store all this bread is wonderful you talk on TV oh yeah it’s the my fat be eat it every night you are essentially demoting the competing piece of bread because there are only a certain number of slots of bread buyer ship available it’s inevitable you’re not doing anything specifically negative it’s affirmative action what’s happening is the other loaf of bread is indeed suffering you just don’t see it on its face and so it seems more family friendly it’s a con basically politicians do this they set up these programs so they can graft off the top of them politicians and educators and ship but Julian Castro is coming out and attacking Bernie says you said well it’s not enough to be progressive on some issues you have to be progressive on everything else so in other words they have to toe the whatever line debbie Wasserman Schultz tells them or whoever else is in charge of your left-wing movement that’s not the way things work it’s very funny because this is this is along with guns something on which Bernie Sanders has distanced himself from the main line of the party now I know he’s embraced the anti Second Amendment rhetoric of the Democratic Party now but up through the middle of the last election he didn’t he’s like well I come from a state where people do a lot of sports shooting and hunting and stuff and so I’ve got a different idea than these these are more urban liberals and it’s true like most of the Democrats if you look where they’re from they’re from the big city they’re gonna be throwing place like Manhattan or San Francisco or whatever Houston they’re from a big city and especially from the coast the blue states the elite core of urbanization they don’t come from the middle of small-town America now Sanders of course was born in Brooklyn and raised in Brooklyn he’s from that urban area in the most literal sense but he has spent most of his life in Vermont pretending to be a native-born Vermonter and taking photo shots with Ben and Jerry’s by the way he almost never smiles he’s always very dour in his look probably because he follows an ideology that deep inside he knows is never gonna actually take command of this country and destroy it like all the Marxists want but it’s very funny to see Julian Castro doing the punch up thing he’s hoping I think to get some of those alienated would-be far-left voters the nonetheless will support Sanders because he’s a white male and that’s the other funny part is he’s not attacking Sanders for the most obvious defects of character he has he’s in the Democratic Party at he’s an old white male that is a problem for most Democratic voters at this point a lot of them are racist towards whites sexist towards males and and have this thing in mind about age alone we need a younger candidate and stuff like the party’s mean led by Faye light by ten year olds or something which makes sense because you know as far as you look at their platform it seems been concocted by people with infantile minds hell I think that the average middle school debate team would do a better job of governing than the Democratic Party at this point they’re totally useless debbie Wasserman Schultz the other day comes out Echo’s Pelosi she’s obviously Pelosi slap dog now she’s like a captive within her own party she comes this is yeah impeachments off the table and this is something substantial and then it comes out and then you have the lease of page revelation states like I’m gonna put two and two together here could they be related no it’s totally impossible it’d be a conspiracy theory to possibly suggest that could even remotely be the case yeah I couldn’t have anything to do with Obama’s DOJ being totally weaponized and clearing Clinton enforcing the FBI to drop the Clinton server investigation now has nothing to do with it Trump’s gonna come out smelling like a rose by the way that almost certainly gives him 20/20 it’s the only dark cloud hanging over his head the economy is doing fine foreign policies drudging right along what is it people don’t want to vote for because they think he’s a Russian pawn or something that’s gonna get blown out of the water probably before the election so enjoy the ride it’s gonna be total chaos Julian Castro’s nuts and Bernie Sanders is nuts too is it’s crazy that he decided to run again because again after several more years of March and he’s older that’s a problem his ideas haven’t fundamentally changed and then you have stuff like this the Democratic Party has veered to the left so significantly that a self-proclaimed socialist that’s been a socialist avowedly pushed socialist policies in every possible sense since the mid-nineteen fucking 70s is now considered to be too far right on certain issues on mainly guns and reparations the Democratic Party is doing everything that it can to alienate every working class middle class male voter in this country every white voter in this country every person like myself who doesn’t vote based on wedge issues at all and I’m looking yes primarily out for my fucking wallet voter in the country every single one of us are being alienated if you tick any of those boxes you’re probably ticked off at the Democratic Party and not without good reason these are not these are not simplistic issues like cares let him implement their policy no I do look askance to the idea of electing a party to power within the executive branch oh really any other branch I’m not gonna vote for Sanders and the senator any of these other people not to vote for Leahy I’m not gonna vote for Welch you’re not gonna vote I’m not gonna vote for Phil Scott I’ll vote for myself for governor probably it just as a joke might as well do the thing again you know I think I’ve got 15 or 16 votes actually before which is hilarious my name is actually on the results list under the other heading and I didn’t do I think I came in fourth in the other category and after making one youtube video yeah okay I didn’t even vote for myself I voted for Mickey Mouse funny no um no these people I’m not gonna vote for a party that’s like oh we’re gonna we’re going to take your taxpayer money and we’re gonna throw it at other people who are never enslaved there are no slaves in this country I do not fucking care that somebody’s great-great great-granddad was a slave if that’s still affecting you of a century and a half later maybe you should try changing the way that you do business that’s like me saying like oh well my you know my family’s been poor and they have generation after generation it’s not just like Oh 150 years ago the warwick’s fell on hard times now fuck you my family’s been poor all along since like the end of the 1600s in this continent I don’t let that hold me back say well they’ve been impoverished and there’s probably some indentured servants in there somewhere mostly they were a sub working class they’re they’re peasant labour basically they did there were a lot of people they did like bricklaying or or rough carpentry and stuff not rich people not even landon not even like rich enough to own land like small town farmer or something it even rise to that level they were fucking brute labour for the not even skilled labour for the most part that’s the family tree back to the to the period where they come over here they get they give up semi noble sort of blood status over in europe because there’s nothing to do in europe they come over here and think they’re gonna till the land and end up getting basically turned into servants so I’m not gonna but I’m not gonna let them say oh I need reparations because you know the economic and socio-political structure of the country just kept my family down for generations and generations the government owes me money because otherwise I’m too fucking helpless to do it on my by the way if I was like black I’d be so pissed off at the Democrats of you what the fuck you talking about like I’m not a slave I’m an American citizen I don’t know what you’re talking about Jesse Jackson doesn’t talk for me Nettie it’s really funny to see like all these people talking about though Elizabeth Warren of all people yes she’s really a racial justice warrior mm-hmm makes total sense old extremely extremely white woman like like in the dictionary next to Caucasian there should be a picture of Elizabeth Warren somebody should put that on Wikipedia go to the the page for Caucasian and just spam Elizabeth Warren’s picture on there you get a whole army of people to do that till they have to lock the fucking article or hypocrisy or sellout or liar anything like that I’m assuming the article for lies is probably already locked because I’m sure that other people have done that can you imagine the Edit war between Trump and Obama fans I know it’s it’s crazy talk the idea of liquidating taxpayer money now for something to happen a century and a half ago and you could you could take that money here’s that here’s a proposition and use it to try to lobby these governments and other other governments to crack down on the actual slave trade that’s going on today you know you say you don’t want any boarders okay well then there’s no difference between us and then a bunch of Haitians that are actually enslaved so go over there and do something good you know go go liberate some Haitian sex slaves you know the Clinton Foundation made sure there were plenty of them by the way it was Clinton and Obama’s foreign policy that led to hundreds of thousands of slaves in Libya isn’t that a wonderful time they’re still laughing about Gaddafi now oh what a wonderful time we destroyed Libya yay we we freed people from the evil Gaddafi of course now they’re you know the tribal chieftains have cracked the country into five pieces and it’s no longer really a functioning state uh you know without seeking foreign security forces have to hold things together a few cities and oil rigs and that’s basically a wonderful time you know wonderful effects of that liberal foreign policy that’s about all peace out