Hawaii man pleads guilty to killing and dismembering his mom | Entertainment News

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A man who admitted to police that he murdered his mother then placed her remains inside a fridge in their Hawaii apartment pleaded guilty to killing and dismembering her you agon pleaded guilty in the honolulu court friday to manslaughter abuse of a corpse and second-degree identity theft in connection to the September 2016 slaying of his mother liu yun gong [Music] the woman was found wrapped in seven plastic bags inside a refrigerator freezer in the family sixth floor apartment in Honolulu beachfront neighbourhood of Waikiki authorities said long initially foam dispatchers in April 2017 an…

Continue reading… nformed them that he was suicidal that’s when he admitted to police I killed my mother upon arrival to the home located on 414 law Nia Street police said they at first could not find the victim’s remains [Music] to view this media you need an html5 capable device or download the Adobe Flash Player wwo become CEO slash get Flash Player authorities looked in the refrigerator’s freezer and found plastic bags that contain the head and body parts of the victim long told police that his mom was in the fridge before he was placed under arrest [Music] gong admitted to police he killed her after he became angry because he didn’t want to go to school authorities determined she had died from blunt force trauma to the head police said gan called it an accident and said he didn’t mean to do it [Music] after being released from a psychiatric hospital in April 2017 gong appeared in court where he did not speak you you