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All right everyone Hillary Clinton’s been more active lately uh you know to the extent that she can be at her age and now she’s applauding Nancy Pelosi is like you know the fear of the Democratic Party she’s right I mean she’s not wrong the neoliberals control the Democrats not the nothing so-called progressives socialists thankfully the neoliberal is oddly enough finding a group of people worse than they are to actually oppose inter party but Nancy Pelosi is definitely the leader she’s you know the Speaker of the House that’s the most prominent positions that the Democrats have the only thing…

Continue reading… oses Tom Perez or Hillary Clinton being the last presidential you know nominee having been Secretary of State first lady she’s sort of in that group other than that there aren’t a whole lot of power figures in it but like Chuck Schumer and does he just like the weird shit and I don’t know that he even really counts anymore because he’s ineffectual he doesn’t do anything he doesn’t leave the Senate in fact the Senate Lee you know the Democrats lost two seats in the Senate net and and they’re probably going to lose more fairly soon so he doesn’t really do anything worthwhile he just sits there diffs trucks occasionally where he can because of the voting structure of the Senate Nancy Pelosi is the one with the power within the Democratic Party when Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are sort of the spiritual leaders of your party then you’re a little bit spiritually bankrupt and this is why the Democrats have problems because the only alternative right now that they have it isn’t some labor Democrat movement like like a Rust Belt based like a working-class you know group that’s like okay while the neoliberal is a fuck the tax structure they’re too obsessed with like you know trying to pick away at gun rights and stuff we’re gonna leave that behind and we’re actually going to restructure the economy the problem is the Democrats would have to embrace elements of populism Allah Trump in order to actually have that that’s why Trump did well in the Rust Belt he’ll probably do better this time if they’re not careful they choose the wrong candidate or their candidate chooses the wrong running mate or any of a million other things happens in Trump coast to reelection Goldman Sachs which you know isn’t a group that I particularly like comes out yesterday and says yeah Trump has a narrow uh you know likelihood of you know like an arrow advantage over the Democrats right now I think it’s more than narrow I think that an arrow advantage at this point considering all of the problems he’s had to suffer through I think is a huge advantage especially after today with the Mueller report fully dropping there in redacted form and you know that they’re going to do sour grapes again just like with the initial letter from Barr they’re gonna say well bar Andros that it’s funny to see them throw Rosenstein under the bus number one because they loved him before they like hahaha he’ll get the ball ring he was the one that signed the FISA warrant without reading it to the Democrats should be sucking him off right now instead they hate him because he says huh yeah I have faith that Attorney General brothel do a great job and I’m gonna be at the press conference just me great time he’ll be able to address reporters questions also Hillary Clinton comes out scandal-ridden as though she is now though and is applauding Nancy Pelosi and this is why the Democratic Party can’t have nice things because the alternative is AOC the alternative is too lame and and you know the people like that and eland Omar who to who say even weirder ship and the neoliberals have had problems over time and the thing is one of the problems they had until recently is of course they were called like you know your pipe that your far left and stuff if they had you know maybe out their views now they’ve got an actual far left to deal with now Nancy Pelosi you can’t even keep the peace within the party now the fact is that a handful of people in the House and Senate does not a gargantuan problem mate but they’re very vocal about things in the social media generation it’s in the best interest of politicians that want to get ahead to be very vocal well then that also means vocal opposition for the inter party dynamic when you come from a voting district that’s considerably different and so what’s happened is that the initial jamesu ger I guess backed the situation with these progressives that the so called that they drafted a board for their good looks basically what’s happened is that it’s backfire it’s backfired on the Democratic Party because instead it’s just become a hassle within the party for people like Pelosi but Pelosi is still very much in charge if she has the Clinton money behind her than definitely there’s nobody that’s going to really be able to challenge her the problem is really more ideological as far as the party’s money structures like the corporate side of things Oh Nancy not only is the leader she’s the only real power source it’s her and Clinton and a few others basically controlled the purse strings for the whole party they get whatever they want but then they have this other group of people where if they screw them too hard like if they too visibly screwed over in the next election if they try to like these people primary what happens if they fail then they’ve got someone who’s not only an outsider within the party but disgruntled at the party engine really really fuck with things especially when the Democrats on will certainly lose House seats in the next election too so it’s gonna be very difficult for them to justify such a move I think Nancy Pelosi has big problems ahead and Clinton her big problem is the fact that she’s not in politics like a Clinton outs out of office is not a happy Clinton that’s why for a while there she got really bitter and she had to go to India I guess to some she probably had to go meditate and you know ask for divine intervention or something o my Allah oh dear Christian I don’t feel happy with my life you know I should be like Queen right now but instead I’m a private citizen what do I do and then Krishna came out of the clouds and said ah all you have to do is make sure that the other Democrats are eating from your hand and you can just sort of rule through some of them including Nancy Pelosi that’s basically what’s happening so it’s a very fun time going into the 2020 election though yeah Pelosi is definitely gonna have to assert hegemony over the party more and she’s been doing that like when she was dismissive of aoc recently she’s done this twice first with the new green deal and she’s like well that’s just bullshit basically then then by saying well it’s like five people that that was a little like earlier this week in regards to her progressive bloc that probably will grow a little bit more but then Nancy Pelosi will stomp it back down if she’s still speaker it’s inevitable that that will happen because she controls the money the democratic party is not run by people that have based their worldview mainly on on a broad ideology it’s Bay it’s basically run by people who want a lot of money in power because it’s a political party it’s a corporation it’s the same as the fucking GOP for some reason Democrats are too dishonest to admit that fact that’s about all peace out