Hillary Clinton Goes Insane, Says Trump is a White Nationalist, Compares 2016 to 9-11 | Trending News

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All right everyone Hillary Clinton is definitely insane like she’s actually showing signs of literal insanity these days not just hey she’s saying off-the-wall shit but this is getting more off-the-wall overtime for a while there it was a never-ending slew in the wake of the 2016 election for almost a year there’s like there was at least a video a week I had to make sometimes like two or three on nutty things that she had said like when she was blaming the hashtag resist sort of pink hat where’s she look well I wish they had showed up this much on on Election Day now look at them protests they…

Continue reading… ould have showed up to vote yes the people who are willing to protest and put on ridiculous looking pussy hats are the ones that stayed home and didn’t vote for you miss Hillary or she blamed like the DNC for her problems oh they didn’t help me at all I was on my own I had to fundraise and campaign at the same time oh my god and their schedules like basically empty every other week she blamed everyone for her faults except for herself oh so everyone that works with the Clintons always they’re always at hazard for killing themselves by shooting themselves five or six times in the back of the head or crazy or putting on concrete shoes and going for a dive in their swimming pool it’s amazing how that always works if they said hey you know I work for the Clintons for five years what am I gonna do today I’m gonna make toast in the bathtub whoops I dropped it haha it happens all the time like literally dozens of times in the last couple of decades very very mysterious these people often are called to testify the day before they I mean the day after the they dies it’s always very funny but she’s gone extra in saying this done because she’s saying that Trump is like a white nationalist he did you know the same stick that she’s done before that’s not new but then she’s like comparing the 2016 election to 9/11 literally speaking it’s like where do you fucking get off by the way if any other politician said this it’d probably be raked over the coals I think the Republicans don’t even care they’re not even gonna bother attacking her because I think at this point they realize as long as Hillary Clinton is center stage once in a while and set in is allowed to say stupid things it actually decreases her own support and the support of the democratic party I think the Republicans love Hillary Clinton no no I don’t believe that they dislike her at all I think they’re like well I’m glad that she’s not a president we’re also very we will we want a long life for her should we want her to live for another 20 years because she can’t stop doing the Clinton thing and the Clinton thing is to weigh in on every fucking microscopic little policy in a basically a long-term revenge campaign that is only getting revenge against the Democrats really Hillary Clinton every time she speaks harms democratic causes outside of a few echo chamber blue states and urban enclaves where she can go and get a standing ovation but those places are reliably democratic anyway they’re the only the advantage she gives to the Democrats is that if she shows up and gives a decent speech maybe turnouts a little bit higher but right now on the backs of the Brett Kavanaugh issue Republican turnout so likely to skyrocket well I wouldn’t be surprised to see substantial movement in the generic ballot over the coming week or two I can’t imagine it’s going to be in the Democrats favor I would have given nine to one odds a few weeks ago that the Republicans were going to screw the pooch somehow come away not having confirmed Cavan on really implode their own chances that the Trump fans they’d be like totally energized but anyone Trump didn’t tell him to vote for explicitly and he’s not gonna stump for him in areas that he’s not popular in because they wouldn’t ask him to and he wouldn’t want to take time out of his schedule everyone else would be taking a major hit like half the party would be sitting there withering instead it looks like the Democrats through a combination of people like avenatti and Michael Moore and M’s and Schumer and all these people in fighting of death trying to blame one another who’s wrong and who’s right whose strategy was best Hillary Clinton being the opportunist she always is she can’t stop weighing and Michael Moore doing the same thing by the way they’re they’re weighing in because they’re opportunistic they want their name back in the news they want a donation they want a book sales go see my fucking stupid ass fat ass movie stuff like that what ends up happening is that the opportunists come out they don’t really care about the party they don’t really care about liberal causes like Michael Moore is not really a liberal or he’s not not exactly working-class hero if you know what I mean now Hillary Clinton she’s like well you know I I was that dirt floor farm girl and I grew up in the nor I love among normal people just like you it’s just that now I’m special because I’m Hillary Clinton and I’ve got you know basically a hundred million in slush funds what happens as they come out and they don’t really give a fuck about you know the liberal causes of the party so they just sit there and they basically shit themselves and throw their shit around and try to get attention it’s very amusing and the Republicans are very happy when it happens it’s the Democrats were happy like when Sarah Palin used to weigh in on stuff she’s been pretty much silent other than she shipped posts on Twitter sometimes but she would say off-the-wall goofy shit and it was like always a cheap talking points like not running for office not in office not official in any capacity within a party but still held up as a standard of it the Republicans can basically run against Hillary Clinton right now and they love it they’re running against it they’re running against Chuck Schumer to an extent now – especially in the wake of his stupidity after the FBI investigation wrapped up what wasn’t expansive enough what’s most damning is what’s not in it because he wanted to sit there and investigate it over and over until they got the result that they wanted it’s just like with the Mueller probe there they don’t ever want to let it go and if Mueller were to come out tomorrow and say well the probes over there’s another no it didn’t last long enough it was an expansive enough this is one person now in Timbuktu that they didn’t talk to that knew Trump like as a business associate 20 years ago why didn’t you call him forth to testify to you mr. Mueller you have failed us and they’ll do exactly by the way Mueller you should take note if you end your probe and anytime and you don’t say like basically Trump is is a madman or something the Democrats will do to you what they’ve done to the FBI in the last 48 hours they go from Mueller Mueller the Magnificent beyond reproach any challenge against him is fascism just like they did against the FBI they’re like well Trump is a fascist for trying to tamp down the appeal suggesting that there are problems that the FBI is a form of fascism now all of a sudden they hate the FBI they’re like well fuck them their investigation was screwy we don’t believe it it wasn’t good enough we know more about investigate the FBI does and basically thrashing them up one side and down the other they will do the same thing to Robert Mueller when he ends the probe which by I mean I intended before the midterms but afterwards you’ll see increased pressure once Cavanaugh is there it’s gonna be what the fuck is Mueller supposed to do like sessions is probably out is Trump has several Supreme Court appointees that he’s got there he gets a third probably in the next couple years with Ginsburg leaves which by the way that’s that’s not going to endanger roe v wade either I can’t wait to talk about that all of these things are stacking up deeply in Trump’s favor and there are still people who think he’s at a disadvantage and can’t possibly when he can’t win in 2020 the poll numbers aren’t there the media doesn’t like him he’s evil he has small hands he’s got health props my goomah it’s magnificent to see people making the same mistakes they made in 2016 telling you he still has a 90% chance of being reelected if he runs as of right now there’s no significant opposition which Democrats gonna go up against him who’s not ineligible Clinton can’t do it she’s too old Biden’s too old Clinton by the way has already lost twice Biden has already lost once John Kerry lost he’s he’s aged at he’s I think a couple years older and Chevys by his age I think come on then there are a few people are too young to an experience in Gillibrand’s the only one Gillibrand and like you know a few of these other people are maneuvering for Cory Booker definitely he’ll never be President Cory Booker Campbell yeah this I would have said maybe a few weeks ago Cory Booker could potentially feasibly be a viable candidate at least now I don’t think he could because he got caught up in the Cavanaugh stuff some people weighed in relatively less if you look at a who’s who of who didn’t weigh in too much they made their position clear maybe once or twice and then they shut up largely about it that’s a pretty good indicator other than Gillibrand oxic she made a speech I think in front of the Senate the other day other than that and I think everyone else who would be on a who’s who list basically like they make a tweet hey I oppose Kavanagh and then they let the issue go there’s a reason for that let’s go don’t take too many issues on too many topics and actually give a position on them because it gives something to be attacked as long as it’s more amorphous it is like well yeah kind of sword be blended and sent ristic in some cases with some of these people they can’t be attacked nobody can attack your position because you haven’t solidified it it’s a it’s like gelatinous in nature that’s about all Pisa