Hillary Clinton Says Assange Must “Answer For What He’s Done” | Trending News

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All right everyone Hillary Clinton would like to gently remind you of the fact that she’s still relevant in her own mind she came out talking about Assange right he must pay for what he’s done thinking to myself the tragic irony of Hillary Clinton telling someone that they need to pay for some supposed crimes again what crimes and and are they substantial like nobody as far as I know has provably been harmed as a result of WikiLeaks releases that’s number one number two again Clinton’s own a supposedly good friend that she served under Barack Obama commuted the person most involved with the sp…

Continue reading… fic incident that they are attempting to charge Assange with conspiracy for which was namely when Manning took you know classified material some thousands of pages related to the war effort gave them to WikiLeaks and it was published now Manning served four years in a Cell and Obama said okay well that’s enough the sentence was excessive I’m commuting him that total term wasn’t it like close to five years I think and that’s like the maximum that Assange would get basically the the charge against him is not as substantial as some people think it’s very funny because the DOJ doesn’t want to overstep and end up fucking itself in the ass by trying to bring greater charges against him basically the problem is if they were to go after like oh my god tree they fuckin espionage and conspiracy and trees and all of these things it would open up a massive First Amendment can of worms and prolly SCOTUS would have to be involved he might end up getting to be a free man simply because the judiciary comes in and quashes an executive attempt to prosecute and then the Legislature would be all fucked up because they think he’s a Russian agent but the gall of Hillary Clinton knows absolutely no fucking boundaries like from calling most of the American population like a irredeemable and deplorable or at least a large proportion of the voting population actually from that to blaming like the pink hat wearers for her election law so if only if they had turned out in these numbers like when they were protesting after Trump won if only they had turned out like this on election day well they did miss Clinton what the fuck are you talking about dude everyone’s responsible for her problems except for her and she’s the only one response for her victories and she will tell you loud and long now she’s coming out and saying that Assange needs to pay for like whatever fucking crimes he supposedly committed yeah it’s a big crime miss mrs. Clinton because it when you were head of the State Department was very very opaque indeed this Clinton’s like secrecy they don’t like the idea that people would know what’s actually going on and so to them it’s like a cardinal sin what Assange did and what he continues to do like WikiLeaks I think dumped a bunch of shit earlier probably in retaliation for all of this nonsense it’s like you know when Assange comes in there’s always the vague possibility that he doesn’t even you know end up facing any time in jail there is a vague possibility that he gets indicted but that the charges don’t stick that the conspiracy charge is thrown out it is I mean it’s not likely but it would be funny it would be so funny to me let’s say they get him extradited they bring him here put a fucking kangaroo court trial and somehow he wins and he gum he comes out of the courtroom and he’s like well I guess so now I’m free and in the United States this is pretty great because now like Sweden and the UK can’t touch me that would be pretty funny yeah and he would deserve it too he deserves to be a free man he’s already been in solitary confinement for the last couple of years and he’s basically been in prison before that I mean I mean how is how is one little suite with kind of its own stall bathroom in the Ecuadorian Embassy with only the most limited outside contact throttled Internet and limited access to basically the you know even basic needs like my fucking shaving and stuff how is that that different from the kind of federal institution he’d probably end up in anyway because those are those particular federal like white-collar prisons aren’t that much different I would think they’re not exactly that you know they’re not it’s not a Supermax facility it’s not like you it’s not like Guantanamo Bay or something like that so it wouldn’t be any different like even if he goes to prison he’ll be like ah what the fuck has changed it’s just like being back at home except I don’t have my cat with me and apparently embassy cat people are really like cut up about that they’re like I’ll restore its owner and the fucking ship the cat over with Assange dude it’s the only kind of steady companionship that poor dudes had for years it’s like fucking Wilson the volleyball at this point you know it’s again clown world it makes me laugh a little bit to think about just the stupid of the fucking situation that doesn’t make any sense that we should be prosecuting Clinton if anyone should be held accountable for their crimes hence Clinton definitely not Julian Assange he told people the truth Clinton tells people lies he demonstrably no as far as I can tell never got anyone killed the Clintons I’m not even gonna bother addressing the fucking issue Hillary Clinton has caused untold amounts of catastrophic death and suffering all over look at Libya Libya as it was Clinton’s pet project I don’t even think Obama gave a damn I think he basically just gave Hillary Clinton carte blanche to ruin the country probably on Roman retaliation what did Gaddafi say to your husband mrs. Clinton that was so bad that you decided to destroy his country and have him dragged out and sodomized to death in the middle of a street on video by the way you can actually look at it for yourself she found that fucking hilarious I’m sure she watched it gleefully I’m sure she laughed about the fact that he had died you know we came we saw he died yeah then she does her cackle some people have put like you know Thunder cracking over–that’s and like you know Palpatine music and shit and it’s it’s really true she is a little bit like Palpatine she’s even beginning to look a little bit similar by the way new Star Wars coming out they’re trying to tease that and it’s like fucking yeah that the saga ends here yes please let it end please let people’s suffering end we’ve got the original trilogy the prequels are at least watchable rogue one was good just fucking leave it alone if Hillary Clinton got her way there’d be infinite Disney star wars so that people could suffer more you know you’ve got to have contempt for people like this it’s got to pay for what he did what did he do yeah who’d publish material he oh my god independent journalism oh my god is a terrible thing she likes the people at CNN that’ll take marching orders for her that’s really what it’s about that’s about all peace out