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All right everyone we’ve got important breaking news Hillary Clinton suffering and other pants of coughing fit moment actually I believe after a speech that she gave now when someone is speaking for long periods of time on a day-to-day basis sometimes they might have a coughing fit but Hillary Clinton is plagued by very specific kinds of coughing and a very dry pneumonia style cough any time she goes on a speaking tour or really walks around a lot or something I’m beginning to worry about her health but then again I’ve been worried about her health for a couple years let’s just say I’m glad sh…

Continue reading… not the president if she had to have Trump schedule of constantly going to some foreign country flying around for rallies and meetings getting called on by every Republican to campaign for him and so she would have worked herself into the grave right now and I’m saying this in the most literal sense I’m not being ironic when I say this I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is healthy I really don’t look somebody who collapses like a sack of potatoes doesn’t matter if it’s a hot day and has to get thrown in the back of a van that’s not a good look for an individual who wants to hold the highest office meanwhile this isn’t the first time it’s happened there are like five or six different incidences weren’t there during the 2016 election where she served she had coughing fits now that one time it was blamed on like like exhaustion and then they said well no she’s got a flu oh yeah it’s also pneumonia severe pneumonia potentially contagious and minutes later she was talking to him shaking hands with some kid which was really funny don’t worry she’ll be fine me gave her meds and stuff we told her to hydrate more she’s a little bit to hydrate and Bill Clinton talked about that actually when he was giving an interview I think with CNN he was like well yeah sometimes she forgets to drink of water aka she drinks too much alcohol and gets a little bit clumsy no sometimes she like falls down and like yeah she’s a total drunk yeah why do you think I was doing Monica it’s very funny though to see at the time when people were I think legitimately concerned about the possibility that she’d randomly keel over on the campaign trail the media circled the wagons around her and said she’s perfectly healthy it is sexism to question whether she’s healthy but look Trump probably has heart disease aha because of some some obscure number around like doctor’s report he eats too much McDonald’s you know keep in mind the fact that he probably probably walks 2 miles a day it probably exercises much more just walking around up on stage than the average American because the litter I don’t know exactly what kind of pet pills defeating him but he doesn’t seem like he’s actually in his 70s he’s acting more like he’s in his 50s he’s outflanking people half his age in some cases like low again Marco Rubio may be a Ted Cruz premature balding Ted Cruz I’m is very funny at the time and he’s still doing that now he has kept up a non-stop strenuous schedule of campaign rallies literally since the moment that he started campaign for he never stopped campaigning he’s almost the campaigner in chief as much as he is the President of the United States he’s attending two three rallies a week while doing the actual work he needs to do as the president and also doing like foreign trips and meeting with dignitaries in ship the average person that’s not even in office can’t keep up that kind of schedule no matter what their age or their their health is Hillary Clinton she was canceling towards the end of munch fairly she cancelled one of her most important rallies in North Carolina actually one point she probably would have won the state if she had attended the one rally towards the end I think like now I think it was mid to October’s long that she canceled that was something people like what the is going on this looks a little bit like Mitt Romney actually Mitt Romney was known for that and towards the end the last couple months he was almost a no-show he almost wasn’t campaigning in the last month of the race Trump uh at the time criticized him for this thought he was hilarious and it was truths like it foregone conclusion that he was gonna lose I think he knew that his own internal polls didn’t show quite as rosy a picture as Karl Rove did to his nighttime audience but it’s funny to see her having another coughing fit buck we’ve got understand she is fundamentally an old woman now Trump is an old man but he’s not constantly breaking down into coughing fits there’s that one other time that like the fly was buzzing her and and it was all very funny and people were making like mimetic jokes now I remember at the time I was joking about me magic causing or coughing fits it’s like Oh her energy is being vampire eyes by Collective memes it’s like in a way by the way I was being serious within an occult framework but it is also a funny joke a little bit of hyperbole no and then is good I it was rather funny I guess the political season comes along with a lot of allergies because at the time she blamed her allergies actions ago but goodness my hay fever is so bad today basically I can’t stop coughing yes she had that lozenge that other time that she visibly spit out into her drink actually I’ve just kind of wonky now people were saying that it was something else it was funny at the time but yeah Hillary Clinton’s not in good health let’s let’s be serious here if your grandma you know 70 71 72 years old keeps having coughing fits appears to be spazzing out from time to time like remember on stage there when she made that that really weird face that she made there when the lights and the the balloons and were all coming down and I looked like barren drunk by the way on Inauguration Day was was mimicking that there is a video or I think it’s still there of him doing so when they were coming off of the stage then he was behind his parents and he was making weird faces and it looked very much like what Hillary Clinton had done I’m 99% sure he was doing that on purpose like he’s like ha this is hilarious people be talking about this on for champ I think he’s pose I think he’s a poster we know that Eric Trump is Hillary Clinton meanwhile barely stands sometimes she has no energy she’s like subject Bush levels of the so she needs an infusion of guac really quick Jeb needs to go over and deliver about ten pints of his famous guacamole yeah that’s probably got some sort of drugs in it some presidential super drugs he got from his brother didn’t give those to Hillary Clinton it’ll they trust me she’ll soon be up on stage like a true powerhouse like it was the 90s like her campaign style and she’ll be a Riz right as rain that’s about all p7