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All right everyone the legacy media has another problem with Trump and that’s that he wants to be present at the 4th of July celebrations in DC and the funniest link in the description this probably the funniest thing I saw written about this the other day when he you know sort of when it was released yeah indeed Trump wants to like give a speech and sort of be present there and be part of that celebration they said well this is horrible the fourth of July has always been like the celebrations have always been so nonpartisan I’m thinking back to like literally any fourth of July it’s literally…

Continue reading… e of the most political days of the year it’s causing all of the politicians on the 4th of July they come onto their favorite news network or their Go Go Go on their favorite radio or podcast show or whatever they deliver all sorts of messages this fourth of July my messages together nests this fourth of July let us remember the troops this fourth of July XY and Z they do that because they’re trying to message to their fans and look patriotic and be like hey I love America it’s never been non partisan not for a very villain to the first couple 4th of July is we had probably they they discussed half of it was politics anyway oh yeah we’re independent from the British yeah yeah let’s let’s talk about how we’re going to form this independent nation what policies we’re going to put in it’s always been partisan yeah like Bush never used the 4th of July to grandstand for my patriotism in his case he hadn’t even helped the country at least Trump has accomplished things I don’t begrudge him that and they were comparing it to the time that he wanted a military parade in DC I’m like that was that would have been fine to say one thing make Trump pay for it himself out of pocket that’s the only thing you want a military parade you’ve got plenty of money it’s not gonna cost that much you just have to have the troops march down and play some music here’s a tank there’s a rocket cool I think that it would be an awesome idea to a nice Civic spectacle and then again I’d rather put that money towards the wall but that’s just me optics matter and you know political strategy matters but the idea that Trump’s gonna give a speech and it’s gonna be some terrible thing look chances are on the 4th of July like even Trump understands the concept of decorum to the point where I don’t think he would give an overtly political speech at the 4th of July celebrations in DC it would also be funny like imagine he’s giving his speech and they accidentally start setting off the fireworks early and it drowns him out he’s like all frustrated something imagine Murphy’s Law kicks in and like it’s just a show and be hilarious and he’s like it and then he has to like go back in the white house and do his address on YouTube that’d be funny that’s the other thing like let’s say that the city of DC says no and they try to stonewall me okay well I’m gonna still make my message it’s just gonna be broadcast on YouTube I’m gonna have the fireworks broadcast on there too and apparently he wants to move the venue closer to the river like like its usual I guess on the mall itself and he’s trying to move it to a different location I’m not sure why maybe there’s more room maybe he expects overflow crowds or something that does seem to happen with Trump can um by the way people are trying to enjoy themselves you know they want to scarf down the hot dogs and drink beer and watch explosions basically that’s really what the 4th of July is for most Americans let’s face it it’s not they don’t sit there and weep for their dead ancestors who fought their own government in order to preserve gun rights and the ability to petition the government go organize and speak freely now a lot of people don’t really know anything about revolutionary history anyway for them it’s it’s pretty colors in the sky and an eagle soaring by that sort of stuff I just don’t have a problem with this I don’t see the problem with having you know the President of the United States address people and it’s likely to be exciting people are trying to enjoy themselves can you imagine they get to go see the fireworks they get to see the president and stuff it’ll be cool for them I would consider going and if I didn’t mind being in crowds of tens or hundreds of thousands of people and standing there for hours waiting for things to happen ya know thing I think I’ll just watch on YouTube be more enjoyable the others fireworks here and like that our fireworks here aren’t that spectacular by the way if you want to see real fourth of July go to Texas because everybody and their mom is setting off explosives for about 12 hours non-stop like even into the next day people are sporadically setting things off here it’s very controlled they have a lot of laws but it’s funny because there were there’s actually a genuine fire hazard from little kids using sparklers in ship everything is allowed nobody cares up here though they’re highly regulated people actually go to New York or New Hampshire in order to get their fireworks and and it’s technically against the law for them in many cases to be using them like if you get those little firework hits here the only cool stuff you’re gonna get are black snakes that’s the only one that somehow I guess it doesn’t count fully it’s just a kid all it is is what is it powdered carbon anyway the powdered sugar basically you light it on fire and it grows you put some of them together and it looks like a hand stretching out of the ground it’s not exactly hazardous my goodness go down to Texas it’s like being in a war zone I mean yeah you think a combat veteran should not live in Texas let me just put it that way once a year they’ll be hiding under their bed for hours shaking and sweating especially if they were in the Persian Gulf and got exposed to small amounts of sarin that the government never admits to of course but yeah how dare Trump want to be part of the 4th of July how dear the President of the United States want to be part of you know one of the biggest most patriotic days in the u.s. how dare he it’s sort of like if he wanted to be part of a Christmas celebration I guess he’s just gonna Jesus Jesus it up and it’s he’s trying to replace Santa Trump the Grinch and stuff like that but then again they even have a problem with him Catering fast food to people at White House visits it’s like where’s the law that says he has to do anything differently he sits there and eats McDonald’s all day he probably genuinely thinks people like it by the way most people wouldn’t who cares very very funny how dare the president want to address the nation how do you know that it’s going to be a political speech they’re assuming that he’s gonna turn it into a campaign rally well in part I’m sure it’s a boost for him you know his looks presidential and stuff the fourth day I think it would be more solemn more like remembrance and and you know forgive your enemies sort of thing but fight harder he’ll have some sort of toold message that he’ll teleprompt it’s not going to be off-the-cuff he’s not going to be running around up on stage talking about building walls he might address immigration crisis ultimately though it’ll be probably about well we’re all at the end of the day we’re all Americans stuff maybe he’ll give a soaring speech one for the ages maybe it’ll be better than the Gettysburg Address who knows Trump’s done weird or that’s about all peace out