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All right everyone they just won’t give up the hype they keep talking about Hillary Clinton people close to Erlich former staff and friends people in politics celebrities and entertainers as though they were entertaining the legacy media certainly they’re all either hoping that Clinton will run or speculating that she’ll run in 2020 for the presidency I welcome it considering what a freak show the last election was it be ten times better this time around oh man ratings on political commentary with regards to satirizing her craziness will be twice as popular because I’ll tell you exactly what w…

Continue reading… happen if if Hillary Clinton does actually run she’ll back stab her way up in the rankings within the Democratic Party she’ll start out with twenty percent of the Democrats wanting her anyway and the rest largely hating her the problem is because Trump is perceived of his weak now I don’t believe that as far as I can throw up but hear me out he’s perceived by the Democrats as being relatively weak president because of his somewhat low approval and they’ll be watching that I think over the next year fairly closely you’re likely to have a very packed field it won’t be like in 2016 what was it it was Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders and some throwaway individuals who I like I like Jim Webb I think he was the same person that was running but he never had a chance O’Malley was a wedge issue single issue environmentalist and health care candidate and then there was the other dude too Chafee or whatever the fuck his name was that was probably just there guys like hey I’m not a good presidential debate stage and I’m not gonna win I kind of look like Professor wurzel or something like that but I’m here for basically I’m here to bask in a little bit of limelight sell some books it’s like a good career move if you can get other people to fund a campaign that essentially just gives you a little bit of boost in publicity in your writing books and doing columns and stuff it’s a great idea there’s no reason not to what you’re likely to see is a massive crop and up swelling of Democrats they’re like hey with an opponent as weak as Trump I can really do this all I have to do is smash all these other people out of my way and so they’re all gonna fight like Wolves Hillary Clinton starts off if she runs as 15 to 25 somewhere in there percent of the support right off the bat there are gonna be because Jill she’ll definitely use sex as a wedge issue she’ll say hey look I’m the only super qualified person here who what other qualified Democrats as far as experience are gonna be running who do you think is gonna run Bloomberg never served in politics or I think or was any mayor for like a term or selling in New Yorker whatever okay that’s nothing exactly being Secretary of State you’re gonna see philanthropists so called again running like a Bloomberg you’re gonna see perennial senators the representative crowd Hillary Clinton will say I’m madam Hillary and I’ve still got some people that need to kiss my ass cuz they owe me favors she will backstab her way into prominence because in a packed field what do we know about what do we know about having 20-25 percent support in a packed field no that’s how Trump got in there see what he did was he created a strong minority core but a strong one while he allowed his opponents primarily did not take him seriously at first and then attack each other they had no strategic alternative to this they had to focus on one another they didn’t want to tackle Trump he browbeat them and Clinton does the same thing she insults but she doesn’t differently she won’t come out to your face and say that she thinks you’re an asshole so much as she’ll use some weasel words and she’ll say in a roundabout way that sounds flowery so that nobody can actually attack her and then if they do they they’re sexist she’ll have that feminist component some of the corporate neo liberals that’ll be afraid of any social justice warriors that run and she’ll attempt to run the field now I don’t think this time around she’ll be successful I don’t even think she’d win in the primaries but my god it would be funny if she did so yeah I hope so that she runs like watching her fall down and calves coughing fits and do the Low Energy campaign thing and stab a bunch of other Democrats in the back making them unelectable because Trump Trump isn’t going to have to worry about other people attacking him and distracting him all of his focus will be on being reelected against the Democrats until there’s a Democratic opponent an actual person who’s won the primaries it’s just hey the Democrats in general Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are basic the faces of the Democratic Party and he’s gonna use I’m Maxine Waters occasio Cortez some of these other goofballs who are very far to the left like authentic far left wingers he’ll use that as a campaign issue too you might even talk about like Al Franken and shit like that so then oh and and Bloomberg with gun control I’d be surprised by the way if Bloomberg actually made an official run you’ll probably talk about as well maybe sorta but you know I’m rich and old and white so maybe that’s not a great idea what you’ll end up with is a freak show in the Democratic Party that will weaken them as they go up against incumbent this is where incumbent advantage really exists the incumbent doesn’t have to worry about other people from within their own sphere distracting them wasting their money and time doesn’t have to debate them doesn’t have to do any of that can simply relax and focus on the one opponent which is someone who has simply been embattled and the problem is this in the pre-internet era you would think well the fact that they rose to the top in a pack field is a good thing it shows that they’re a strong candidate they’re the one that rose above they’ve had plenty of practice recently debating all these other people have to kiss ass now it’s beneficial the fact that it was a packed field is good not necessarily because in the internet era when they get attacked at the debate that attack doesn’t go away just because the newspapers stopped reporting it because we exist oh the alt media on YouTube and on blogs and in places like that oh so I guess that witness when Hillary couldn’t scandals are mentioned by her Democratic opponents which they inevitably will be someone will gun for her and won’t softball or Bernie Sanders style Bernie Sanders literally covered for her at the debates time and time again like but all the Bernie bros who think that he would have been capable of winning if he hadn’t been screwed by the DNC I don’t even think so I think he would have lost anyway because he pussy-footed around actually bothering to attack his opponent despite spending years attacking corporations and billionaires and stuff he wants to again pussyfoot around the Clintons it’s very funny I think Hillary Clinton has the lower than 50/50 chance of running I I think she realizes third time’s not a charm within presidential politics not gonna happen her odds of winning if she if she were to actually run and again there’s less than a 50/50 chance he does sadly there’s like a 10 percent chance she would win the primaries if she did there’s a zero percent chance she would be Trump because a lot of people are tired of dynastic politics it if it if it weighed heavily on Jeb especially but also Clinton in 2016 what the fuck do you think it’s gonna do in 2020 when she’s like yeah a third time I’m running yeah yeah you welcome back to me again then I’m back come on vote for me so evil sexist racist deplorable pigs you’re a horrible person if you don’t believe the way that I do by the way I love Nancy Pelosi yes that’s gonna be a wonderful strategy you see the problem is the reason why the Democrats are gonna have problems is they still don’t really have a platform other than as I discussed yesterday they’ve fixated on gun control and impeachment well I’ve already been focused on impeachment it hasn’t really helped them gun control always becomes less popular when you talk about it because then people realize that it’s not just common sense you’re trying to inject it’s not hey all I want is for people who are criminals and lunatics not to have guns it’s but most Americans agree with that but then they start talking about a million other things they want to ban tax and regulate and then they show themselves for the losers that they really are Hillary Clinton is a deeply anti-gun person despite the fact that she of course is surrounded by armed guards she’s a racist she is she rambles about hot sauce in her purse and how someone is deplorable based on their voting trends she’s crazy she’d fall over she’d probably have a stroke up on live stage you know leaving Trump unopposed essentially we would have gotten four by now we’d have President Tim Kaine if she had been elected you do realize that right she’s not in good health I think health issues alone will keep her from running she had another coughing fit a few weeks ago she’s obviously got chronic pneumonia or some fucking problem so no we’re not gonna have a president Hillary Clinton is that there’s no chance of that if she did became the become the nominee be hilarious she lose in a landslide if you think that 2016 was a for the Democrats in the electoral college wait until she fails to energize all those young voters in California that at least gave her the popular vote you wouldn’t even get that the next time around that’s about all peace out