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All right everyone Trump is being more hesitant than most of the left on the Iranian issue and somehow he’s not getting any credit for it instead more of them revert to the Marussia sort of bullshit which has been completely discredited button they still do it’s a muted sort of mumbling about Marussia these days they don’t want to bring it up too much because then people will smack them in the face and say look Muller report you’re wrong and so they just prefer to do it sort of like they they like begrudge Trump the the victory of them even admitting that they were wrong like the kid you just …

Continue reading… ‘t bring themselves to do it because they go orange man bad syndrome so badly it’s a really quite a thing to see but it’s funny because I seem to remember Hillary Clinton rambling about Iran years ago talking about more red lines and we will strike them and they will be destroyed and John McCain and Bush and all these people have always been like hard line against Iran Trump has taken up a conciliatory approach that’s arguably less war mongering than Obama’s policies – giving them free money for no reason and the left is nowhere to be found even this is more of like a Democratic Party style would have been years ago before 2016 I guess platform towards Iran or even on foreign policy in general like Trump has not really been a war president which is funny because he’s got an AR after his name I told people like when he was first running he’s basically he’s kind of like just a business Democrat he’s a money Democrat sort of a blue dog sort of thing that nonetheless has an AR after his name he’s picked up a couple of issues that I think he genuinely sides more with the Republicans on like the Democrats are more Pro tax now in the business Dems less instead of sticking around as a business Democrat trying to knock Hillary off Trump decided to run as a Republican he thought he’d be it’d be easier and he was right although I will tell you this if Trump and warhead run as a Democrat he probably would have run one anyway he probably would have won in the primaries if he had done that he could have done that he would have set up though you know a decade prior he had already started going to CPAC by then so it was kind of a burned bridge I suppose but nobody ever thought that Trump was a racist or any of these other things be for 2016 roughly as far as Iran he hasn’t attacked Iran he actually pulled off of spectacular maneuver there with saying that the some dumbass general did it on accident because he got the nation of Iran to take that and run with it even though it’s probably not true is probably a purposeful attack Trump instead of deciding to start a nuclear war said oh I’ll give them an easy way out but they’re gonna have to they’re gonna have to admit that one of their generals is a dumbass and so in Trump gets what he wants that’s a total smack in the face to Iran but they ultimately at the end of the day they didn’t want to deal with being struck in a military fashion which is exactly why he pretended he issued a feint and then very very visibly the next day why do you think that the American people within mere hours knew that a strike had been ordered and then pulled back don’t you think that would have been kind of classified under normal circumstances but if Trump had just done that and allowed the Iranians to know without the American public knowing it it wouldn’t have had them it wouldn’t have had the bravado involved and so he pulled a feint and then he offered them an easy way out basically to say I’m gonna have no choice but to strike your country people will demand it at some point if you don’t just say well it was a mistake we’re sorry and so they did and that’s it was like an easy way out of war who I mean Putin must be like fuming right now he probably wanted a strike to occur that would have been an excellent diplomatic win for Russia but the Iranians decided not to play ball Iran has enough power that there’s semi-independent from Russia that is there in the Russian sphere it’s clear that Russia will defend them if they’re actually physically attacked or that’s you know the going theory is that they would defend them I happened to agree with it under most circumstances but they’ve got enough power enough of an economy enough resources and military force that they’re semi independent so Putin didn’t get his way this was actually more of an attack upon Russia diplomatic ly than upon Iran arguably the Trump turned what could have been a significant loss a real embarrassment for the u.s. our unwillingness to to enforce our ability to operate in these international waters that would be bad striking them would also be bad it was a lose-lose he turned a lose-lose situation on its head then one he should be getting major kudos the Republicans should be cheering in rank right now for Trump for thinking up such a thing or whoever thought it up is a genius it was probably military generals that said hey why don’t we try this and Trump went along with it Trump’s madman strategy of pretending to be unhinged and ignorant is working very very well because people keep believing it I mean it’s the gift that keeps on giving and you know the big problem is you know that Trump would love to take credit and tell all and say well look this is what we dreamed up and it worked and we did this and it worked and Kissinger helped me do this and it was like all four years were spectacular and then I probably get another four and they were spectacular too you know that he would love to come out and brag about it because that’s just the way Trump is but it’s all top secret so he can that’s the one sticking point the one thing I think that probably bothers Trump more than anything else this is just a theory of mine is the fact that he can’t take credit for everything that involves his specific finesse though or at the very least his good acting skills if someone else’s dreamed something up of course to go along with the madman thing you have to occasionally act like a court jester he’s willing to do that he’s been doing that for a thousand years anyway he was on the apprentice you know he was Donald Trump he plays Donald Trump on TV he plays Donald Trump on radio he plays Donald Trump in the White House it’s Shakespearean he’s a master occultist he’s a shapeshifter a werewolf at least in the sort of philosophical branch of radio werewolf or something like that by the way look that up look up Nicholas Shrek or something then you’ll understand lycanthropy in the more psychosocial sense well yeah Trump’s really graded them you think what you will about many of his policies but he hasn’t started a major war he’s averted major crises on several different occasions using these sorts of methods proof is in the pudding it’s working yeah I support Trump generally on foreign policy the one thing he did that I didn’t like was the serious strikes but the thing is I mean he literally emptied out the airfield beforehand and showed that yes we are capable of striking and noumenal to Jack ship under the circumstances I guess it was better than any alternative you can’t back down the other thing is this I don’t support US imperialism or war mongering in any sense by anyone but if someone else is trying to go toe-to-toe if they’re trying to get a big dick or something we have no choice but to react in some way Trump is just way more inventive about the way to do that then I don’t see the left giving him any credit for this sort of finesse he is a master of these things his his strategy is working we’re winning on trade we’re winning in these you know foreign theaters in a more war sense without even in some cases battling at all I do think that we should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq he’s chosen his own reasons I suppose to keep them there as long as it doesn’t turn into a larger conflict at the very least it’s sort of an even Stephens with how it has been for the last half decade it’s not an escalation at the very least which I would oppose it would be a big problem like if Trump before 2020 does start a war with Iran or goes into Syria or something I would probably have to drop him like a hot potato because I’m so anti-war but he’d managed to avert such a thing in Iran it’s clear now that it was definitely strategic and it was a it was a gambit that definitely paid off my goodness and he says well it probably saved 150 lives yeah it could have it’s interesting to see the Democrats chastising him for not wanting to kill a bunch of Iranians it’s very very interesting indeed considering the week before they’re like no no don’t do anything to Iran syndra’s maybe he got the Iranians to fire on the drone just to make a point that’d be even funnier that’s about all peace out