In Historic Victory For Trump, Supreme Court Drops The Constitution On 9th Circuit! | Trending News

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An historic victory for trump supreme court drops the constitution on 9th circuit california never saw trump coming california’s liberal 9th district Circuit Court did everything they could to protect border jumpers they shielded them from our nation’s laws even going as far as undermining president Trump’s orders but the Supreme Court put an end to that today handing trump along awaiting victory from Reuters the Supreme Court on Tuesday endorsed the US government’s authority to detain immigrants awaiting deportation any time potentially even years after they have completed prison terms for c…

Continue reading… inal convictions handing President Donald Trump a victory as he pursues hardline immigration policies the Supreme Court just turned over the Ninth Circuit’s decision made it much easier to port border jumpers who get out of prison especially when they jumped the border again that’s quite a big deal don’t you think the ruling was along ideological lines five to four shows how important Trump’s recent appointments have been they decided that federal authorities can detain them indefinitely this is a big win for ice enforcement for a long time border jumpers were protected thanks to catch and release the goal was obvious even after they were convicted they would easily sneak back into the country and the federal government would have no power to stop them not anymore this is more proof why we need strong uncompromising judges on federal courts do you think border jumpers would have more rights than Americans if liberals judges had their way cheer to thank the Supreme Court for backing up president Trump source Reuters comment your opinion below the video share in like video if you find this information useful don’t forget to subscribe channel for more video your support means a lot to us wake-up channel bring you the truth thanks for watching [Music]