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initial probe points to human error in fatal Limpopo bus crash initial probe points to human error in fatal Limpopo bus crash Limpopo premier sanma the Bertha has urged motorists to ensure they are fit to drive and do vehicle safety checks after two bus crashes claimed at least 20 lives in less than a week in the province a trip from Harare to Johannesburg and in tragedy early on Friday with bodies having to be pulled from underneath a long-distance bus that left the in 1 southbound lane and rolled about 20 kilometers outside poll acclaim initial investigations pointed to human error being a possible cause of the crash madatha has promised strict policing of the roads as we approach festive season we will tighten up law enforcement and be merciless against transgressors he said when Popo authorities confirmed that nine people have died after initial reports by emergency services said ten people had died in Friday’s crash Road Traffic Management Corporation our TMC spokesperson simon’s wayne said in a statement on friday that an accident reconstruction team had already started investigating the cause of the tragedy investigators from the RTMC have joined the team led by the police service and preliminary indications when the team is that human error was the main cause crash however this will be further investigated by experts from the police and the RTMC people who got close to the scene believe the driver may have lost control of the bus resulting in and hitting roadside barriers and then rolling downhill until it landed on its side bags bodies and injured people were strewn around the bus while medical and rescue teams pulled others who were trapped underneath the bus you could see from a distance looking down at the wreckage that others were already dead said one person who was at the scene arrival I’ve said in a statement that paramedics and police arrived at the crash site to find a large rough line on its side on the side of the road numerous people were found lying scattered around the vehicle some had fatal injuries and were declared dead on the scene while five people sustained critical injuries and twenty nine others minor to moderate injuries they were transported to nearby hospitals eleven people were killed on the n1 southbound near micophone when a bus traveling from Zambia to God crashed on Monday it – overturned the RTMC said it was alleged that the bus experienced a tire burst after which the driver lost control and veered off the road the RTMC revealed the latest crashes followed two gruesome crashes in kwazulu-natal and the Western Cape in August in positively Nadel five people were killed when a bus traveling from johannesburg to impinge Eenie crashed and overturned near Malmuth twelve people suffered serious injuries while fifteen escaped with minor injuries in the Western Cape ten people died when a bus overturned in the early hours of the morning outside Beauford West and 30 were injured it said