Jaguars’ Keelan Cole Channels Odell Beckham for Best Catch 2018 | | Trending News

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Video Transcription

Jaguars killin coal channels Odell Beckham for best catch 2018 heavy comm Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver kealan coal made his presence felt in a big way early in the week to match up with the New England Patriots the young wideout didn’t just make this case for the best catch of the 2018 NFL season he may have made a grab that will be impossible to top if you didn’t have your sound up the reaction from the announcers pretty much son to play up perfectly Jim Nantz lost his mind while Tony Romo called it the best catch easily this year and compared it to Odell Beckham jr. infamous one-handed grab comparing to Odell Beckham jr. s catch just for comparison’s sake we’ll let you make the call when looking at the two plays by going back to beckham’s insane gravity Dallas Cowboys back in 2015 via the NFL the above play is what Chris Collinsworth called the greatest catch he’s ever seen in his life I’m not sure Cole’s grab is quite there but it’s in the conversation on some level at the very least I’m not sure we’ll be able to find a play capable of topping what the Jaguars wideout just did over the next 15 regular season games much was made about how the Jaguars would be able to replace two wideout mark Isley after he suffered a season-ending knee injury in the preseason obviously one catch won’t fully make up for the loss of a team stop past catcher but Cole has started to come into his own and make a name for himself in the process