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All right everyone the big news of the day of course Jeffrey Epstein now has been brought up on new charges he had gotten a plea deal a very very lenient one considering the charges it the original charges were that some years ago this is the plea deal that was engineered was was quite slight was that he had like he was in a massage place and and there were teenaged girls there that he was paying for sexual favors and stuff he had to register as like a sex offender and stuff but the the plea deal was this I mean he had essentially what amounts to probation technically not but they let him leav…

Continue reading… or six days a week and like he’s probably been doing perverted shit since then anyway but there’s new charges now sub sex trafficking of minors literally he was setting up you know some of these underaged individuals with other people even turning them into recruiters after abusing them for a while these stem from the 2000 so first and foremost these charges are not for new behavior they’re for stuff that’s even older than the initial charges they date back to like the Bush era number two I’m seeing a lot of left-wing shills pretending the Trump is in Epstein’s little black book because Trump of course had been friendly with him because he’s rubbed elbows with basically everyone in DC Hollywood and Wall Street but he was actually that’s actually not true they’re conflating the flight logs the little black book of who was on the so called Lolita Express um that I mean I mean the flight logs wid the little black book of people he was doing actual business with Trump was on the flight log once because he hitched a ride back to New York City and that’s apparently the only time he was ever on the flight so Trump never actually visited Epstein’s Island unlike Bill Clinton who visited it supposedly a number of times along with a lot of other celebrities and politicians now they’ve got to be a little bit nervous because the initial charge against Epstein that they got him in on and Andy here’s what I think happened and I hope that this is the case I think that they did a sting on Epstein and they told him rat other people out we’re gonna need your cooperation fucking rat them out and you get this plea deal because it is an extremely lenient plea deal for the charges involved that was engineered by a cost appointed there but by true you know Trump directly I believe through the DOJ or at least overseen by a Trump of course knew what was going on he probably had a hand in engineering the deal itself they let Epstein basically go there like cooperate with us they did a little digging they’ve probably spent this whole time since the initial plea deal digging into this because it could be explosive they found you know that he had been perverted some more so now they’ve got a halt and back in now that they’ve got all the info they need and they’ve got sort of the names of people who are involved and I wouldn’t be surprised if you found a lot of politicians bankers I mean Epstein’s a billionaire his clientele is not going to be some random pervert in a trailer park but we’re talking about the millionaire class we’re talking about big bankers we’re talking about you know corporate upper management ceos and cfos and stuff high level and mid-level politicians where type of celebrities people like that it’s very funny because if you ever speculate that there are perverts among them you’re called a conspiracy theorist even though we’ve got people like Epstein usually go billionaire and he’s trafficking children it does actually happen unfortunately what I think happens is that they amalgamate together and they probably do have like get-ups and weird shit simply to try to protect themselves legally from the scrutiny of the outside wasn’t it um wasn’t Italy’s former prime minister like wasn’t he perverted and he had like a fake volcano like in some island resort that he liked to go to and he had like teenagers doing weird shit there and stuff and that was like I guess even common knowledge or some people were going and visiting him and he had like his phone on private cave and where you would do like orgies and shit and this stuff I mean it actually happens that the thing is there are perverts in society when you give a pervert billions of dollars yes they’re gonna do extravagant weird shit probably meet up with other perverts and they’ll have like pervert parties and stuff Epstein seems to have been one of the linchpins a pervert party them it’s just the way that it is it’s it’s concerning that he was given the initial plea deal and you know he could have done weird shit since then although I’m sure he was under strict surveillance I don’t think I don’t think he there’s any evidence particularly that he’s done and some people are acting like these charges are new like oh he was trafficking children in the here-and-now no these are charges from the mid-2000s like I think well it was a 2005 was the end date for their investigation the scope of it as far as this goes so who was there are likely the Clintons were still very active in politics by the way at the time I think when did Clinton travel to AP’s teens private rape island the one with the weird almost religious looking cubicle building there when did he go to rape island being winsett’s basically what it is it’s funny cuz again if you suggest that there were weird things going on there and that people may have been going to his private island for ulterior reasons your conspiracy theorist no no I don’t think so I he was trafficking children don’t you think he could have been involved in making extra money by saying oh yeah you know we can get him children abducted anywhere in the world and bring him to the island and people do weird shit and then fucking toss their body in the ocean or something why not like a hostile sort of situation have you ever seen that movie I’m very brutal by the way hostile one I think I think there was a second one I can’t remember if I saw it right like all sequels probably no good sort of like you know any other sequel in history by the way Evil Dead 2 not nearly as good as the first Evil Dead release unpopular opinion for some odd reason the first ones legendary yeah so Epstein has been brought in on new charges it’s like you have big surprise so the pervert was trafficking children like a decade ago I’m so surprised about this fact people though are pretending that Trump is implicated somehow by that by this because years ago he said that he was friends with Epstein if he didn’t know how the fuck you know he never went to his private island he obviously wasn’t seeking that side of his services he was just a fellow Billy in there that he happened to rub elbows with it is possible to know someone in a friendly manner and not really know about their personal life apparently Trump was blissfully unaware I have a feeling the plea deal was to get info out of him basically you cooperate and strictly off the record we’re gonna need names we’re gonna need some you know various material here we’re gonna we need to know where the bodies are buried in the most literal sentence and then we’ll you know we’ve not going to fuck up your life too bad but then they kept digging pertinent probably to their investigate these other people and they followed that trail back and it led to Epstein again in the past and they couldn’t avoid helping but to put more charges on him hopefully he faces life in prison which should be justified for trafficking miners and then until rot in jail and it won’t matter that he’s rich I mean I guess he can he can get the drug smuggled into jail so that he doesn’t get you know raped too many times I’m not saying that he might not enjoy that because he’s into weird shit but yeah so it’s a good day for the world we’ve got one less billionaire you know no not to be a conspiracy theorist here but a billionaire child trafficker in prison it’s very funny because if you’d said that the other day you would be a conspiracy theorist now you say and you agree with the DOJ interesting how that works maybe the term conspiracy theory should be retired because it doesn’t actually have any fucking relevance it’s used by a bunch of neo lives to try to cover there they’re trying desperately right now to conflate Trump being in the flight log once to New York City when the Trump visiting Epstein’s Island that never happened to try to cover the ass of Bill Clinton who went to his Island over and over again I wonder what he was doing there could it be the bill could we know Bill Clinton’s perverted and likes females well maybe he doesn’t have a problem with fifteen year olds or fourteen year olds he’s Bill Clinton you know he doesn’t have a problem with Monica Lewinsky of all people so I can’t imagine that he has that big a problem with being choosy I think Bill yeah I think bill can you know Bill Clinton’s just like Joe Biden he likes any age he doesn’t really care from cradle to grave and maybe you know some steps into the post mortality processes maybe he likes that too I’m sure if he paid enough money he could do whatever he wanted reps teens Island I bet they should explore the islands like is there an underground cave system there well salvini keeps like you know is a rape victims and stuff probably that’s about all peace out