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All right everyone Jessica Tarlov was actually at our love and it’s funny in that aural was talking about Joe Biden actually for Fox and talking about how she’s like she’s glad Biden is the front-runner and hopes he’ll be the nominee and thinks that he can win and I’m thinking to myself basically she identifies certainly some things that are definitely try agree with with most of the first part of what she said which is that specifically Biden is a more togetherness candidate whereas a lot of the people here in the Democratic Party are truly divisive Biden less so the problem is this Biden’s a…

Continue reading… ity the here’s what she doesn’t mention and and she’s being too optimistic and I would caution her you need to understand something the Democratic Party has a schism right now here’s the problem Joe Biden’s capable of playing nice with the center-left which is great and for insert and certain Trump voting blocs like the Rust Belt voters that fled the Democrats partially because Hillary Clinton’s tax plan I think and the fact that the you know he bothered to campaign and she didn’t that certainly didn’t help that’s true he’s capable of getting some of those people back on board the schismatic problem is that you have a lot of people in the Democratic Party that are extremely far left and they’re not going to like that together in this message they’re gonna want there they’re going to expect if Biden’s the the nominee they want him day one to say I will impeach we will drag Trump into a cell and he’s a terrible horrible Hitler s human being we need to massively raise taxes I agree with the green New Deal we need free college we need free education we need free health care we free ship and they’re gonna expect this of him and they’re gonna expect him to dog-whistle about violence – like Hillary Clinton did with her deplorable zhh Cummins it’s very very funny to see Biden pretend to care about the charlottesville comments that Trump made which ultimately weren’t divisive at all to anyone who has two neurons to run to rub together whereas Hillary Clinton’s comments were immediately excused on the basis that yeah they’re a bunch of racists in the u.s. most of them support Trump it was very interesting that that happened my caution would be this if Joe Biden is the nominee he’s more but he’s more technically viable than most of the other candidates the two that I identify is the most potentially viable Gillibrand and at least until fairly recently and then Castro is the same now our on the bottom of the heap they’re never gonna amount to anything they’re presidential campaigns might as well end tomorrow there’s no reason for the bottom half of the field shouldn’t even exist they don’t have a political pulse there are technics people who have technical viability three of which have high viability those are Biden Sanders and Harris and then you’ve got Warren Booker and and O’Rourke basically are round out that top tier and that’s theorem those are your candidates but a gig I don’t really take quite seriously I guess he’d be a close seven tied with Booker something okay well we’ll stretch it to seven but that’s definitely a stretch biden though despite the fact that he’s the front-runner and can easily become nominee with such a packed field full of far leftist yes he has a voting bloc that will solidify I think he can stay at 2530 and still end up becoming the nominee just because you know things won’t Finan till after Super Tuesday if he sweeps those states if he works hard until Super Tuesday he can become the nominee very easily he needs to pick up at least two of the first four states and then pick up half the Super Tuesday states the rest will be split between a bunch of other ideological candidates from that top tier none of them will be able to challenge him only a conglomerated bloc of leftists on the same feel like if Bernie Sanders said I’m I will still want to I’m dropping out I’m gonna be Kamala Harris his running mate or something only a situation like that could possibly deliver a victory for them if Biden manages to do well in the first few states the thing is he’s heavily favored in Iowa the demographics favor him heavily New Hampshire favors Bernie Sanders but if he loses his luster or he loses a couple debates or he just falters in general or Biden out raises and out matches him and spends 10 years worth of time in a single day campaigning in New Hampshire he could knock him out and Bernie Bernie Sanders could be out by New Hampshire if he doesn’t win New Hampshire he’s gone he can’t become the nominee that would just be like Kamala Kamala Harris would need other I guess a South Carolina or something like that get some of the minority votes down there if she can’t shine among those voting blocks to me a tough time Biden could easily take it he could take all four of the first four states but here’s the thing in so doing if he does the nice guy candidate a conciliatory approach and what she’s saying is basically run against Trump not against like all Republicans or all of certain ideological groups because the idea is you want the Rust Belt voters back on perfectly fine strategy except that you have millions of far leftists that you need to vote at high levels in order to buoy the Democrats because he’s not gonna be able to out Trump Trump with regards to the economy Trump is already campaigning heavily in the Rust Belt for a very good reason he’s already spending single-mindedly half of his time in places like Michigan and Pennsylvania and he’s even going into Minnesota his ideas he wants to expand the map further I think that he can potentially do that if you get a socialist candidate yes they will lose against Trump the problem is I don’t know that Biden can really you’ve got such a schismatic movement within the party that it’s almost like if you’re Wine and Dine the left you know the basic like lay Democrat voter you’ve got like maybe 60% of them they’re just partisan or they’re just ideological liberals of some sort they’re gonna vote for whoever the nominee as is at general levels but then you’ve got of the other 40% you’ve got two blocks you’ve got the the business Dems like the center-left and stuff that’s sort of Biden’s crowd that’s who he’s sweeping up already and then on the other side you have ideological crazy people you have socialists communists and people of that nature the so-called progressives that are really a throwback to the mid-1800s you have these groups they’re not gonna vote for someone who isn’t giving them any leeway the problem is that they are extremely vicious they’re they expect to get 9 times out of 10 what they want in a platform they’re violent individuals in some cases they’re they’re disorganized riotous weirdos basically these are the kind of people that think that it did it’s it’s a racist if you have the wrong hair color these are the sort of people that’ll attack a white person for having dreadlocks okay they really they have a stick up their ass they have weird beliefs they want free they think that a 90% tax rate is a good idea they’re nuts essentially and the Democrats have used them as pawns for a long time that they were never so numerous you just dog whistle do them a couple times Bob but now they have candidates that are doing more than dog whistling they’re offering them actual socialism that becomes a problem for the Democrats now doesn’t it it’s like three parties in one the Republicans don’t have that issue you’ve got the Republicans and then you’ve got a handful of never Trump errs of Nghia of the bush ID neocon losers that nobody liked any way including increasingly within the devid the republican party there’s only one republican party there’s three Democratic parties they can’t choose what their party’s gonna stand for and that fundamentally becomes I think Joe Biden’s problem in 2020 and yes it’s more likely than not he becomes the nominee I just don’t think he can win I think he can do a better job than most of his contemporaries they’re the few that I think are potentially could be a threat to Trump aren’t even a threat within their own party so I don’t know what the Democrats are doing it’s a crazy time that’s about all peace out