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All right everyone Joe Biden is right in the middle of being Al Franken right now these this probably knocks him off of his political pedestal there there may come a point at which he has to come out directly address and say okay I’m not running for office cuz oh I’m so sorry about my checkered history with you know what my hands do around females now the problem for Joe Biden he’s got manifold issues here the first again is he’s an older white dude in the Democratic Party old white dudes are no longer welcome anyway on a good day even if their stellar individuals and far-left like a Bernie Sa…

Continue reading… rs he’s doesn’t even have that advantage he’s an outcast within the Democratic Party so his number of allies is going to be a lot thinner regardless of the fact that he was a fairly well liked VP under Obama who’s the liberal Messiah now that Clinton fell out because of again similar allegations against him but Biden has the additional problem now where you’ve got multiple allegations it’s not it’s not just a Flores you’ve got three other individuals now saying he did the same thing and we have proof that he doesn’t the problem for Biden is that we have photographic and video evidence of him exacting exactly the way that women have said made them uncomfortable now this is the first circle of of me to sort of sexual impropriety hell of course level one is you haven’t raped anyone or sexually assaulted in what’s basically you’re being a creeper you’re doing weird shit like you know like you’ve seen phone calls like Bill O’Reilly phone calls would fall into that number two would be like sex assault then you have rape and then you have anything with children the other problem for Biden is that there is one particular bit of footage in which his hand gravitates lower than the shoulder involving a child who looks to be no more than six years old or something that’s fucking creepy legit fucking creepy I don’t see how he politically can survive such a thing if he became the nominee the thing is he still appears to be gearing up to make an actual or he hasn’t filed the paperwork yet but when he does who is he gonna land like a thought at this point because of this and it’s obvious yes the far left that Trump identified socialists within the party they are the main ones pushing this they want him out of the way they don’t want a Joe Biden to become the nominee because he’s not a socialist he’s just as he’s what passes for an average liberal at the point within the dnc structure I want socialism but not quite as much as these people so I’m the moderate in the field it’s like really wonky and really weird which is why the Democrats are having so many political problems right now I just don’t see how we can survive multiple allegations of this kind when it’s already been a running joke for several years Trump tweets out link in the description unedited video now cept guys just to warn him this video is edited like people were affixing the term edited to it as though there was any doubt whatsoever that Joe Biden didn’t clone himself come up behind himself and sniff his own hair and of the lustful manner that makes the total sense dude you could have fooled me it was so realistic no but a trump tweet tweets out this joke and it’s basically Biden sort of talking about how he comes up behind people and does squishy shoulder thing which he shouldn’t be doing anyway at least mostly it was with adults but I mean it’s still creepy and then you know other Joe Biden photoshopped in believe it or not comes up behind him and is like doing the sniffy hair thing and the thing is it’s been a joke for a long time now Trump has a long track record of making light of these situations like when Anthony Weiner got out he’s like pervert alert like he’s on Twitter you keep your kids safe and stuff like that in or that um what was the name of that one dude who went before Congress that was a Barney Frank or something the dude with with the big moves and shit and he had like his shirt open and Trump made the tweet about it being very disrespectful his nipples protruding and people have turned that into a meme Trump is definitely finding his mojo now that the Mueller report is over and by the way we got to address that separately because it is true that his poll numbers didn’t improve particularly after that I’ve got my own explanations as to why that probably isn’t my probably shouldn’t worry but I’m sure I’m sure he would like the opposite to be true as far as Joe Biden goes I mean wonder his poll numbers gonna be a it’s gonna be very difficult like if this were a Republican by the way they already would have been thrown under the bus the thing is Biden as the presumptive frontrunner at the moment without the benefit of even having gotten into the race is the man to beat for the Democratic primaries I’m just looking at the possibility that he becomes the nominee because the rest of the field is packed even if he like loses some of his steam let’s say he goes down to 25% instead of 30 which is I think a reasonable estimate of the impact that this sort of thing would have on him even if temporarily he’s got so many opponents that are all on the left that really there’s no significant competition for the kind of voting bloc he’s going for I would have guessed that Beto probably would have been more of a hindrance to him but actually Beto has kneecapped Bernie Sanders surprisingly because again white male and has gone further left he’s actually being the equivalent of like Elizabeth Warren politically on the on maybe the further left M in the further left wedge issue in whereas Biden he’s got a clear field what’s his his opponent is Hickenlooper it says it within his Lane his main opponent is a dude who might be at half a percent of support at a on a good day it’s like it the other problem for Biden as the race thins out is that because there are so few other people within his voting bloc he would want like to knock Hickenlooper out really early and maybe like you know get Gillibrand endorsement or something just to gobble up that last two or three points that he can actually get and hope that the other part of the field stays packed so that he can win most of the states going into New Hampshire like friend if he wins New Hampshire the race is over he becomes the nominee why because if Bernie Sanders loses New Hampshire of all places he’s out he’s no longer gonna be seen his vial he’ll probably drop out he’d probably have to endorse Biden Biden would win I mean he’s probably gonna win Iowa anyway if he gets in the problem for him is that he’s gonna be scandal-ridden by the time he gets there like it’s gonna be very difficult for the Democrats to wage a national campaign when part of their a major part of their initial campaign was glass ceiling and Trump is sexist that was a major platform for them in 2016 that carries over in the minds of a lot of like the lay people the actual lay voters and to have Joe Biden being their candidate it’s gonna be a little bit mysterious ohai Democratic Party you love women’s rights so much why is Joe Biden fronting the party now why did you to sit and and he’s old to like he’ll be 75 years old and he’s not a he’s not a great speaker or anything like that okay he’s okay at it but he also says weird shit all the time and he does weird you what happens if he gets up on stage and does this during the campaign which I mean old habits die hard there’s never been another several year long period in time the Joe Biden has an appeal we tried to grope somebody’s shoulders and sniff their hair it’s weird it comes off as weird to people it’s just and the Democrats will have to explain that it’s just like with Clinton she didn’t want to talk about her all too obvious health issues and so what ended up happening is that instead of understanding okay she was sick or she had pneumonia or something they kept lying or not talking about and so people concocted their own theories that were always invariably worse it was bad enough to have your candidate fucking faint on 9/11 and get thrown into the back of a van like a sack of potatoes but then to spend 48 hours dicking around and neither not explaining it or saying falsifiable bullshit about it was way worse Joe Biden so far he’s like basically well I’ll do better in the future that is not gonna fly with the Democratic voters these people are out for blood you are a white male individual in your 70s you’re not gonna get their support you have to work it’s an uphill battle for somebody like Biden to exist within the Democratic Party at this point it’s how it’s hard enough for Bernie Sanders and he spent the last 50 years calling himself a socialist what the fuck is buying a new hey by the way I was Obama’s VP remember Obama remember Obama the liberal Messiah that you love so much they’re starting to jump off of that too the Liberals are eating themselves alive at the moment and Joe Biden is definitely dinner that’s about all P so