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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news journalists and celebs face jail for violent threats against Catholic teens far-left journalists and celebrities are facing jail time for maliciously spreading lies and violent threats against Covington Catholic High School students Rob Sanders a Canton County Prosecutor confirmed Tuesday that there are multiple investigations into prominent Twitter users who made terroristic threats against the students we’ve got mu…

Continue reading… ple ongoing investigations into numerous numerous threats Mr Sanders said Tuesday in a podcast interview with 700 wlw there’s probably a dozen law-enforcement agencies if not more involved in this it’s growing it’s spreading there are other jurisdictions now involved in this he added natural reports it’s about damn time so far there have been zero consequences for deranged lunatic leftists making death threats against President Trump and repeatedly threatening violence against Trump’s supporters these are the same left wing lunatics who declare themselves defenders of school children after every school shooting but now they’re demanding that Covington Catholic school students be burned alive executed with firearms murdered and organ harvested in order to appease the vile liberal mob that now runs roughshod over America’s social media landscape in other words according to the lunatic left the only thing wrong with the Sandy Hook school shooting was that it didn’t happen to carving t’nuk school first leftists are now openly Pro school shooting as long as the students are Trump supporters so much for the we love school children lie that underpins nearly every argument for gun control post by deceptive Democrats the Gateway pundit goes on to report Hollywood producer Jack Morris he said the Mago had kids should go into a wood chipper and la DJ Michael Buchanan a.k.a house shoes called for Covington HS to be burned down with the teens locked inside there is it’s called terroristic threatening and Kentucky and it is a felony offense punishable by one to five years in prison to make a threat of violence to an educational institution so everyone who makes a specific threat Michael Buchanan lives in Los Angeles and the LAPD is apparently going to get involved in the investigation Buchanan is a hip-hop producer and DJ who goes by the name house shoes at least for now once he ends up in prison a more accurate name might be house bitch in prison this guy is going to get passed around more than a pipe top bong at a Michael Phelps reunion party that Giants are complicit in granting a platform to these left-wing terrorists who now threaten America’s children with extreme violence notably these threats are being made from verified Twitter accounts that Twitter refuses to ban that’s because Twitter is run by the same deranged lunatic leftists who are making these threats and its refusal to ban these accounts makes it complicit in the terrorists and threats being made against schoolchildren that’s why I’m calling for the Department of Justice to initiate criminal investigations into Twitter Facebook and other social media for their complicity in refusing to remove left-wing content that openly called for the mass murder of innocent school children in America oh but it’s not merely the tech giants that are complicit in all this it’s the media too in fact it’s primarily the left-wing media that pushed this massive coordinated news hoax to falsely demonize Trump’s supporting children while touting the orchestrated Liza was so-called Indian elder who by the way has now been confirmed to have lied about serving in Vietnam the guy is a crisis actor an Orchestrator of social engineering and media propaganda the media ran with his false allegations out of a deliberate attempt to whip up threats of violence against children if anyone is truly guilty of inciting violence and terrorism over this incident it’s the left-wing media reporters who are deliberately operating as during a terrorist’s as I’ve already pointed out here the First Amendment does not protect journalists who abuse their positions of influence to incite acts of extreme violence against innocent children it is the modern-day equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theater dozens of fake news journalists need to be prosecuted over this incident joining Michael Buchanan in prison for their active deliberate role and causing terroristic threats to be leveled against an entire school of Catholic students without real prison time and the mix here these left-wing churna terrorists will continue to spread dangerous fake news without consequence believing that they are untouchable even when they intentionally spread dangerous lies that could get people killed it is time for these treacherous instigators of fake news terroristic violence to fake real legal repercussions for their reckless dangerous actions and every news organization that published fake news about these students CNN wash Post NBC BuzzFeed etc should also face criminal liability for its role in perpetrating this outrageous hoax that has now put the lives of children on the line by the way if there was ever an argument for arming school teachers against violence this is it the media just reminded the whole worldwide lunatic left wing nut jobs who tried to attack schools and murder children need to be met with armed trained teachers carrying concealed weapons if these lunatics on the left try to burn down this school we should all pray that school personnel shoot them before they can pull it off no wonder leftists want schools to be gun-free zones they want to be free to murders students of their choosing without any resistance please don’t forget to like and support our channel by a press subscribe botton thank you for watching