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Judge nails talk Obama’s right-hand woman on one of America’s worst tragedies there are plenty of unanswered questions from the Obama administration the former president ran the country much like a mob boss he pushed through toxic programs often illegally and he used his substantial power to cover it all up sadly that’s especially true of his staffers who routinely abuse their power but it looks like one of Obama’s top goons will finally have to answer for the many crimes committed by that administration from Western journal Susan Rice the former United Nations ambassador and national security a…

Continue reading… ser to President Barack Obama was ordered by a federal judge this week to answer written questions about the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi Libya Fox News reported today Judicial Watch issued document requests and other discovery to the State Department about the Clinton email scandal next up we will begin questioning key witnesses under oath Fidan said the pair will be asked about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton too they’ll be asked under oath if Hillary deliberately evaded Freedom of Information Act requirements for public records we have just one reply to that good Americans have been demanding answers regarding the Benghazi killings for years Obama and Clinton did everything they could to make it go away but it was their fault our people were murdered by terrorists they could have intervened but in the end they did nothing now finally there is some movement on this case rice will be forced to answer questions truthfully before the public we just might be getting closer to the truth once and for all source must her journal comment your opinion below the video share and like video if you find this information useful don’t forget to subscribe channel for more video your support means the law to us wake up channel bring you the truth thanks for watching [Music]