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Democrats stared into their own graves on election night due to this blunder Democrats spent the last two years convincing themselves a blue wave was building but then came the breath Cavanaugh hearings and on election night Democrats were left staring into their own graves because of this blunder Democrats plan to destroy Brett Kavanaugh backfires on election night Democrats used every trick in the book to destroy Brett Kavanaugh reporters and members of Congress produced women who lied about Kavanagh sexually abusing them when he was a teenager it was a disgusting display but it failed the women’s…

Continue reading… ories disintegrated upon further investigation and the Republicans confirmed Cavan on a 50-49 vote in early October Republicans saw their poll numbers surge in key races but Democrats thought they could write out this first in momentum party leaders figured there were still weeks before the midterms and new events would overtake the news cycle so when a lunatic mailed by forms to famous Democrats and then an anti-semitic big oath murdered 11 innocence in a Pittsburgh synagogue the Democrats thought they were on the right track and these events allowed the media to spend the final weeks of the campaign lying about Trump they called him a racist and said he incited violence but the voters in key states dismissed this fake news and that when the Democrats realized that their plans to destroy Cavanaugh had backfired Democrats defeat pinned on opposition to Cavanaugh at least three Democrat senators and maybe a fourth who were hailing from red states all put it against Cavanaugh they were betting that opposing count and all would keep their base on board and they figured a political environment had turned against Trump and the Republicans all of these Democrats except one party high-temp of North Dakota led in the polls prior to the Cavanaugh vote but then it blew up in their faces Democrats in Indiana Florida and Missouri watched as their Republicans challengers began to surge in the polls it was not hard to see why Republicans were disgusted by the Democrats smear tax on Cavanaugh they tried to ruin his career his life and his family all in the name of defending roe v– wade on election night voters ousted Democrats Joe Donnelly Claire McCaskill body tight camp and Dan Nelson as pebe even Democrats have escaped defeat still sore Republicans come much closer to victory than the polls predicted Republicans in Michigan and Ohio ran much closer than expected to Democrat senators pundits across the board pinned the Democrats dismal showing on the Cavanaugh hearings but did Democrats learn their lesson no one believes that is the case Democrat voters think the problem was that their senators did not fight hard enough to stop Cavanaugh however this could have disastrous consequences for them heading into 2020 candidates running for president will pull even more wild stunts to get the attention of primary voters and while that may play in the Democrat primary Tuesday night proved it is a death in a general election we will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story what do you think comment below the video share if you find this information useful share if you agree subscribe channel for more video wake-up channel bring you the truth thanks for watching [Music]