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Robert Mueller walked into court and devastated one major Trump ally Michael Flynn was supposed to be sentenced today instead the sentencing was delayed to next year and the court decision shows just how far Muller is willing to go in order to destroy President Trump Michael Flynn – briefly served as president Trump’s national security adviser was supposed to be sentenced following a plea bargain he struck with prosecutors as part of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election instead Flynn will not be sentenced until next March giving him more time…

Continue reading… cooperate with the FBI the court hearing was packed with drama with the presiding judge even going so far as to suggest Flynn had committed treason before backtracking those comments according to Breitbart judge Sullivan swore in to Flint calling the charges a serious offense in attacking the former ramp official for his work as an unregistered foreign agent on behalf of the Islamist state of Turkey arguably you sold your country out Sullivan fumed progressive pundits ears perked up even more when Judge Sullivan asked the special counsel prosecutor whether the government believed that his actions rose to the level of treasonous activity reacquired reports Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI in the middle of Mueller’s investigation he was interviewed by Peter star Zach that disgraced FBI agent who was eventually removed from Mueller’s team and later fired after sharing numerous anti-trump messages with colleagues react bard states that judge Sullivan quickly backtracked his suggestions that Flynn committed treason apparently after learning that his comments were spreading across social media at the end of the hearing Flynn’s lawyers requested the sentencing be pushed back to March which Judge Sullivan agreed to the move gives Flynn more time to negotiate with the FBI and provide additional and – Mueller’s investigation when Flynn struck a plea bargain with prosecutors in December 2017 Mueller’s team recommended no jail time for the former Trump advisor stating that he had provided substantial assistance to their investigation the court delay in Flynn sentencing could give Mueller and other chance to obtain more information from Flynn between now and March and as Flynn isn’t being recommended for jail time the delayed sentencing suggests Mueller’s team believes they still need the former Trump advisor before he’s off the hook for good yesterday’s delayed sentencing shows just how far Mueller and his team of biased investigators are willing to go to nail down a real target president Trump Muller is hell-bent on taking down the president and he’s willing to drag Michael Flint through another three months of questions investigations and legal limbo if he thinks it’ll help him destroy Trump Flynn’s own defense lawyers agree that the delayed sentencing could work to Mueller’s benefit arguing that the extra time will allow Mueller to eke out more information Mueller is hell-bent on using his power as special counsel to ruin President Trump and yesterday marked one more day in a nearly two-year long process to see his goal become the reality we will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story what do you think comment below the video share if you find this information useful share if you agree subscribe channel for more video wake-up channel bring you the truth thanks for watching for watching [Music]