Labourer who was caught with guides on how to build booby traps | Entertainment News

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A laborer who amassed an unlined library which gave tips on how to make explosives and booby traps –is to face jail on Guy Fawkes Day after he pleaded guilty to terrorism charges today [Music] Christopher Partington 33 was charged in May after bomb squad officers were called to his home in little Holton in Sulphur following a police raid online documents found on his mobile phone included two volumes of the poor man’s james bond a five book series originally intended for the survivalist minded which contains information about explosives weapons unarmed combat poisons and booby traps Parting…

Continue reading… appeared by video link from his prison cell at manchester prison formerly strange ways and admitted six charges between April 27th and May 1st this year of collecting information useful for a person to commit or prepare an act of terrorism they related to the documents how to make black powder and other explosives ffs 31:51 booby trap poor man’s James Bond vol 1 poor man’s James Bond vol 4 improvised ammunition handbook amateur pyrotechnics by Dan Williams Partington also admitted possessing shotgun cartridges his not guilty plea to an eighth charge relating to a document called the IRA green book which contains instructions on how to wage guerrilla warfare was accepted by the prosecution [Music] no facts were opened about the case in Partington was remanded in custody until sentencing on November 5th following the preparation of reports [Music] all reporting restrictions were lifted da judge David Stockdale QC said Christopher Partington you have now pleaded guilty to counts two to eight and I am NOT proceeding to sentence today [Music] you will now be sentenced on November 5th than I will proceed to sentence on that date [Music] share this article share medical evidence is being commissioned now on your behalf Minh I will have the performing on that day you will be remanded in custody until November 5th and you will be produced on that day at the time of parting teens arrest police said officers executed a search warrant at an address in Salford [Music]