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All right everyone yesterday the lamestream media decided to go after the WikiLeaks subject yet again suggesting this is this is from I believe The Daily Beast this is with archive link in the description of course claiming actually that jerome corsi and wikileaks and sort of this nexus of Marussia connection basically anything that’s tangential to the mueller probe this is actually the spawning point for tales about clinton’s poor health but the thing is people were already saying that before clinton even was the nominee there were questions about her overall health anyway years before she ha…

Continue reading… lready suffered at least one fall Clinton had talked about I mean Bill Clinton had talked about how she has has gotten what is a dehydration occasionally had some problems to the point where it always looked like Hillary Clinton was kind of frail she just didn’t have as much energy as some of her opponents it was a legitimate question look the same question would be in my mind to some degree for someone like Bernie Sanders or even Trump himself if Trump had repeatedly broken down and coughing fits it would have been front-page news people would say well he’s not fit for the office you’ll remember remember that one night I think it was what was it the first debate after the primaries were done I think although I think it also happened at like the second or third Republican debate you’ll remember he was doing sniffy thing and people are like oh he’s obviously on coke heard something severely wrong with him he’s got like heart failure he’s sniffing a lot or something oh you remember and they talked about this on ironically they also talk about his hand size he’s a bit tubby in all honesty he is he’s an old a fucking he’s 70 so sue him uh he eats a lot of McDonald’s ultimately though for his age at least fairly energetic and yet all of these things were considered front-page news his sniffing his to him again his hands as his talk anything about that with Clinton though she literally passes out during the 9/11 memorial stuff has to be thrown in the back of her fan she has coughing fits on a regular basis she appears to be wearing some sometimes lens a corrective lens that’s for potentially posted like seizure problems I would think there would be a legitimate question at that point to say hey maybe this person isn’t the healthiest maybe when someone hits 70 or there abouts stuff that would normally be considered fairly mild like if someone who’s 50 they have a couple coughing fits you say oh they might have it a little a little cold or something they get a scratchy throat you know they just they don’t produce enough saliva there’s some genetic condition when someone who is 70 has these problems it becomes in my mind a legitimate question and it predates by far now any of these communicates are involving Corsi it predates any mention of these things via WikiLeaks and by the way why is it that so many people on the left is so delusional that they think that Assange equals putin wikileaks equals russia Roger stone equals you know Russian confidant or something they have no evidence of any of these things they still don’t even have proof to this day years later I still have not been given any evidence that there was actually a hack on the DNC’s emails in the first place I have no specific reason to believe other than the DNS a Indian see saying so and the FBI sort of alluding to it and speculating about it I have no particular evidence that it wasn’t an inside job to begin with what I think happened in all honesty and they’ll call this a conspiracy theory oddly enough while pretending that Roger stone is Vladimir Putin that I mean you look at the sort of weird shit that they say it’s like the most elaborate conspiracy theory you can think of it’s by the way that term is used to be dismissive looking at the situation not being given any evidence that it’s not someone on the inside I’ve always felt that it was probably some progressive Bernie fan staffer who’s like well you know they were looking through emails they happen to see one that tripped their trigger and they’re like gosh shit oh yeah the Clinton campaign is basically being coronated here it’s a little bit of a problem and then they decided to dump this stuff with WikiLeaks now of course it became a useful scapegoat because every time you mention this people assume you’re talking about Mustapha rich Oh conspiracy theory now I didn’t maybe it wasn’t maybe it was just some other other staffer you don’t even necessarily know who it is but that’s what I think I have no evidence otherwise it makes more sense than my Russian hacker story that only makes sense in the context of a bunch of bullshit that’s been spun around by the lamestream media in a sort of weird and sometimes self-contradicting web of different tales for for several years they’ve been doing this in the wake of the election they just couldn’t stand the fact that Trump and one I guess they wanted to kneecap his presidency prevent him from having a mandate by having this cloud over his head about Marussia Trump is sitting there now openly antagonizing them he wouldn’t be doing that I think if he thought he was going to get indicted I can’t wait for the Mueller probe results to be oh it’s gonna be funny when Roger stones not in prison either and I don’t think that he will be which means that the highest they can go is manna for and they tried you know you know yesterday to tie him into WikiLeaks to do the Marussia thing and it fell flat because the story was fake WikiLeaks comes down says we don’t even know what you’re talking about manna for never met with Julian Assange Assange his legal team says now who never met with us fucking prove it then The Guardian has to go and redact large portions of its own story falling short by the way of retraction and apology which really should be what the legacy media does it looks like that was fake news it also looks like a bad faith attempt to try to tie up some loose ends before Muller releases a ship so that at least people on the far left will believe that there’s Russian collusion that’s honestly it does look like some sort of deep State bullsháá as far as Hillary Clinton though goes her health has always been I think a legitimate question trying to tie it in with WikiLeaks Majer own korzy Roger stone is the progenitor of you know Clinton’s cough no Clinton had a cough on her own she has health issues obviously she’s collapsed numerous times that wasn’t the first time on 9/11 there was another incident a couple years before that and they came out and admitted it at the time she had a fall she bonked herself on the head at the time and causing causing probably the corrective lenses she needs to wear she’s supposedly somewhat of an alcoholic at times although the don’t be hypocrite I suppose on that when many of us are but evening I mean come on she’s an older lady if she’s having coughing fits on a regular basis that is a legitimate question it didn’t start with WikiLeaks that’s about all peace out