Lara Trump spotted enjoying a stroll with her little boy Luke in NYC | Entertainment News

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Laure Trump was spotted enjoying a stroll with her son Luke on Madison Avenue in New York after recently celebrating his first birthday [Music] the wife of Eric Trump 35 took her little boy who appeared very intrigued by his surroundings out in a stroller on Wednesday in contrast his mother Laura looked stony-faced after sharing devastating photographs of her grandmother’s flooded house in her childhood Church in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence last week former American television host Laura wore a dress down look opting for a b12 tank top and distressed jeans dressing accordingly to the…

Continue reading… ll season’s share this article share despite the declining temperatures the Sun was still shining in the Big Apple as she shaded her eyes with a pair of reflective sunglasses Erik and Laura trumped celebrated their son Luke’s first birthday on September 13th with plenty of cake and ice cream during the talks party of serendipity 3 a New York restaurant famous for its frozen hot chocolate while the little boys paternal grandfather president Donald Trump was unable to attend to the bash Eric’s mother Ivana Trump his grandmother Marie Zell Nicola and Laura’s mom Linda you nasca were all on hand to be wished Luke a happy birthday [Music] although gluco Leary cently started walking he was gifted a pair of $60 Bauer ice hockey skates and $40 John Deere camouflage boots both Eric 34 and Laura 35 took to Instagram to share photos from the party including a here to remain family selfie of just the three of them the mom posted a picture of herself feeding her only child cake and an equally precious picture of Luke with his great-grandmother Marie