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Yeah I hate to break it to you the libs are lying the green new deal will not save the planet will actually require yeah twelve times the mining that we do today before I get to that now you can own a real valuable piece of American history that’ll make a unique Christmas gift this year it’s a Morgan Silver Dollar they were used from 1878 to 1921 back when they used real silver and coins it’s a present they’ll always remember use promo code Gary to get $5 off per coin at historic silver coins calm now back to the news Malachi Bailey for the conservative Tribune reports and liberals like to pret…

Continue reading… that their green energy plans will save the planet but the reality is that a move to green energy would require a drastic increase in global metal production quote climate change alarmist like a Democrat rep elect Alexandria Casa Cortez constantly make calls for a green new deal that includes a savvy are exceeding a heavy emphasis on wind and solar power and warned that people are going to die they’re going to die if it isn’t implemented take a look it’s time for a green new deal now the two central problems of our time are climate change and stagnant wages with widening inequality a green new deal would tackle both for decades scientists warned of the catastrophic consequences of carbon pollution and climate change but the window is closing for action experts now predict that within 10 years climate change will be irreversible devastating the economy and threatening the health and safety of millions of Americans and countless people around the world I came in condition that is just straight-up leftist socialist green terror propaganda oh my goodness should we should we watch anymore I think they got kids taken off gas masks alright let’s see what else they say here meanwhile the wages and economic prospects of Americans have stagnated for decades ok more fear more fear if you don’t submit yeah you’re never gonna get a raise the typical American worker now earns around forty four thousand five hundred dollars a year which isn’t much more and the typical worker earned 40 years ago adjusted for inflation a green new deal would provide massive investments in the clean energy infrastructure necessary to cut carbon pollution greeting okay yes so you got to build an infrastructure you’ve got to build an infrastructure yeah like this said you gotta you know need metal you get all kinds of Industry just to go ahead and create a new industry these guys are nuts oh they’re right here they seem to be they seem like they’re willing to do whatever it takes to save the planet especially it means using taxpayer money to do it however a new study released on Thursday by light and University and Netherlands and environmental consulting firms metabolic met met Met tobik madam excuse me madam it is metabolic metabolic and copper suggested a switch to green energy in accordance with the Paris climate agreement would require an extreme increase in mining see here metal demand for the renewable energy generation in the Netherlands the study was presented at the United Nations cop 24 gathering in Poland which focused on ways of implementing the 2015 Paris agreement according to the Washington Examiner of course as you know President Trump pulled us out of that agreement in 2017 and of course that decision will not take effect until 2020 the study explained that wind and solar energy production requires a significant amount of critical metals the study determined that the global production of some metals would need to grow hugely however the number could be even greater because their calculations did not include the demand for those metals used in electric vehicles and consumer electronics of course this is bad news for liberals who are typically opposed to mining projects Mining could lead to erosion the loss of biodiversity soil contamination but it’s required it’s required for the less green energy agenda and to make matters worse the increased demand for critical metals would primarily benefit China the Left screen energy plants won’t save the plans will not save the environment until the market develops ways to make solar and wind energy cheaper the negative consequences of green energy clearly outweigh the positives and either the leftist don’t understand or just don’t care about the consequences of their policies they’re only concerned with appearing like they are the saviors of the planets while they’re actually enslaving you with a smile comment below and we’ll see you the next report for the next news network I’m 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