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hi there its WB and welcome to world broadcast YouTube channel before we get started make sure you hit the subscribe button and press Bell icon to never missed any latest news Lindsey Graham wants FBI briefing on Roger stone raid Graham is requesting an FBI briefing about the circumstances of a pre-dawn raid of trump confident Roger stones home in Florida last Friday Daily Caller Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is requesting an FBI briefing about the circumstances of a pre-dawn raid of trump confident Roger stones home in Florida last Friday I am concerned about the mann…

Continue reading… in which the arrest was effectuated especially the number of agents involved the tactics employed the timing of the arrest and whether the FBI released details of the arrest and the indictment to the press prior to providing this information to mr. stones attorneys Graham a South Carolina Republican wrote FBI director Christopher ray on Wednesday Graham is requesting a briefing from the FBI by February 5th into the raid which he asserted matched the tactics typically used to arrest a violent criminal he is also demanding to know whether the press was tipped off about Stone’s impending arrest CNN cameras were rolling as a swarm of armed FBI agents and US Marshals stormed Stone’s property shortly before dawn on January 25th stone was indicted under seal On January 24th in the special counsels investigation he is charged with five counts of making false statements to congrat one count of witness tampering and one count of obstructing an official proceeding the charges center mostly on stones conversations with associates and Trump campaign officials about WikiLeaks which published email stolen from Democrats during the 2016 campaign stone is not charged with conspiring with WikiLeaks or Russian government operatives who are alleged to be behind the hack of Democrats emails he is also not accused of making false statements when he told the House Intelligence Committee on September 26 2017 that he has had no contact with WikiLeaks or its founder Julian Assange stone a longtime GOP operative who has known President Donald Trump for 40 years has complained about what he calls the FBI’s heavy-handed tactics he said that he would have voluntarily turned himself in to authorities had his lawyer been contacted by prosecutors in an arrest warrant filed under seal On January 24th prosecutors expressed concern that stone could destroy evidence and that he posed a flight risk stone has pushed back on that argument saying that while he has destroyed no evidence related to the special counsels case he has had two years to destroy evidence if he wanted he almost so said that he does not have a valid passport and could not flee the u.s. Graham wants to know why the FBI chose trade stones home rather than contact his attorney and if the arrest is consistent with arrests of defendants facing similar charges the senator also wants to know whether anyone at the FBI Justice Department or special counsels office tip off CNN to the arrests CNN has claimed that its reporters saw a flurry of activity at the federal courthouse in Washington DC last week and guessed stone may have been indicted the network claims it dispatched a reporter to stake out stones house in case he was to be arrested stone pleaded not guilty to the charges on Tuesday and says he plans to take his case to trial please don’t forget through liked and support our channel by a press subscribe button thank you for watching