LOL! When Buttigieg Said That He Was RUNNING For President, He Meant IT LITERALLY | Trending News

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When Pete but a judge said he was running for president he meant it literally Virginia kruta for the daily caller reports Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Pete but a judge kept his campaign staff and reporters on their toes by running during a Memorial Day Parade on Monday leaving them scrambling to keep up freelance field producer Marcus de paula caught up caught much of button eggs parade run on video sharing a compilation of clips that he pulled from about two hours of footage yeah watch this thank you so is he actually like this is part of a marathon here what’s going on this is just st…

Continue reading… he’s like I’m gonna run their arses because he’s like wariness like a a button-down shirt and khakis very good thing what uh what a joke sir why are you dude this guy was running a routine like this second service hey guys I shouldn’t your hand seriously this is what the sky guys to get punk-rock runs and runs it’s get ready just be careful really a runner yourself this is just bizarre I mean it feels like actually in a marathon or run or something porn and not a porn those good morning for more traditional in America this is a campaign [Music] I’m not low-energy this is final voyage that’s that’s what we get it out this is exactly what he’s trying to he’s trying to avoid being called low-energy or sleepy or creepy see this picture here is clearly you know like running but in the video that we just played for you it’s a campaign stun so that he can appear that he’s not sleepy or creepy or low-energy oh my goodness why did I waste my life with this there right here but a judge did not hamper appear to be hampered by the fact that he was wearing a dress shirt khakis and loafers as he picked up a jog on a parade route where did this all happen did the article say it where did it happen this was in a Memorial Day parade that’s it we don’t have him where was it in was it in Gary Indiana your goodness sake where was this season he’s he’s just running to the end of his campaign that’s where he should be going comment below and we’ll see you with the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi I hope you enjoyed that report now it’s time to have a serious conversation what would you do if disaster strikes is your family ready earthquakes hurricanes grid failure the Middle East war spiraling out of control these are all real threats so do not delay okay I don’t want your family to perish in a disaster go to prepare with Gary calm right now to prep your family if disaster strikes do not be caught off guard you will regret not getting the survival food that I trust for my family at preparer with Gary dot-com head on over there right now the link is right below for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking on the next News Network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news on the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here