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An Indian man has claimed he has the world’s longest mustache measuring a whopping 22 feet 58 year old earth nerviosa from Bikaner rajasthan has become somewhat of a local celebrity and often poses for pictures with fans of him and his mustache [Music] mr. Vyas has been growing his mustache since 1985 and his confident his wonderful whiskers are the longest in the world the previous record for the world’s longest moustache belonged to REM Singh from India however singh’s offering was a mere eighteen point five feet a 3.5 feet different to mr. Vyas tata civil servant is so committed to the mai…

Continue reading… nance of his tact that he goes through a complicated daily routine to maintain it spending up to three hours a day on grooming and applying oil and pepper [Music] he told Bulgarian TV channel B TV that it’s been difficult to grow the mustache to 22 feet [Music] share this article share this is not easy at all it takes two to three hours grooming daily [Music] as soon as I wake up the first thing I do is spread my moustache on the bed once I have done that I put some oil in a cup and I massage it with the oil [Music] it takes around two hours to apply the oil after that I add lemon and black pepper powder to it and massage it in every evening all this helps to keep my mustache soft mr. Vyas said he will continue growing his fantastic facial fur forever and added that he hadn’t shaved his mustache for the last 33 years he washes his moustache once a year but doesn’t apply any shampoo and said he doesn’t believe in using any chemicals I only apply curd and lemon in order to keep my mustaches dried I put them in a bag when I take a shower despite his love for the ludicrously long mustache mr. Vyas said there are consequences [Music] I am not able to eat everything I have to eat selectively I can’t even have an ice-cream or I won’t be able to eat food without a spoon I can’t eat a variety of things he has also been dubbed the moustache man of India by locals at his village he said people get baffled to see such a long moustache people do call me with different names [Music] at my village people call me mustache man dot as well as this his son ship Yost said he feels proud of his dad our whole family is proud of dad people ask about our father we definitely feel proud of him [Music] no matter where I go am treated like royalty just because of his mustache having long mustaches is a cultural trait of Rajasthan and our dad is keeping it