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All right everyone I think I just talked about Ebola yesterday or the day before now we’ve got more Ebola news actually right now which is that another worker there was killed not not a foreign worker but one of their local sort of trainees they’ve been training small groups of people especially in the smaller Outlands areas that they can’t effectively do anything in on how to sort of respond when there’s an Ebola case how to quarantine the basics of you know sanitation and shit coordination and communication with larger centers so that you can get like serums and give vaccines to an area it m…

Continue reading… t be afflicted it’s not working too well though because a mob attacked the Ebola center and started looting it now I’m not a hundred percent sure whether it’s been confirmed whether there were Ebola patients there at the time but if there’s ever been an Ebola case in this particular clinic there could be some contamination to worry about yeah probably a bunch more people just gave me themselves Ebola again because of their fucking civil war over there I’m not sure exactly why the world community thinks it’s a good idea to stand by looking at the Powder Keg looking at the fuse already lit and not even try to stomp it out it’s like they just don’t give a fuck it’s it’s actually very mysterious to me at this point why the can why why didn’t you learn from the West African Ebola epidemic a few years ago when something like 20,000 people may ultimately have died tens of thousands of others infected as some of these people have lingering symptoms it’s like like the bubonic plague or something they’re riddled with disease for the rest of their lives too and be a disaster if it escapes containment and at this point it looks like it probably will looks like they’re gonna sit by there they’re shipping in serum and stuff that shows some degree of success okay like 10 20 percent reduction in the death rate that’s good that means as human beings left over you know after this all blows over even if it goes total pandemic mode but you know how much serum do you think you can make and as far as the vaccine it’s still in its experimental testing stage they’ve mass deployed it and they say that that shows some degree of effectiveness that that’s not really gonna matter you have a civil war going on you have cases I’m sure plenty of them you probably have twice as many cases as you’re seeing calculated they’re saying 1200 dead I can remember how many infected okay double them that’s probably what you’re actually dealing with but if you look at the growth rate of new cases being as high as it already is in the calculated sense I’m sure it is far higher and it’s a ticking time bomb too because there have been several clinic attacks within the span of time fairly recently that would mean that those people might have flu-like symptoms but they probably don’t have Ebola symptoms and they’re walking around fucking pretend oh of all places a city with as many fucking people and it is Boston now is infected with Ebola this never happened in the West African epidemic it didn’t hit any of these major urban centers it never took hold in in Freetown or something like that no it stayed in the smaller outlying regions it was mostly a village epidemic this one has already taken hold in several urban areas but Tembo and then I can’t remember the the other one that’s near matumbo actually is even bigger has an International Airport there have been cases their Lord helped them if it takes hold how’re they gonna stop it from going to another country somebody doesn’t even have symptoms they’ve got Ebola they get on a plane they go to Cairo and all of a sudden on a crowded street no there’s 10,000 fucking people in the marketplace and they start sneezing nobody expects anything nobody suspects anything so they’re not wiping down doorknobs and and covering their faces or anything like that the person who’s sick might not even know they’re sick that’s the worst of all possible scenarios maybe it escapes the African continent we have homegrown native cases what if it hits China you gotta understand Africa increasingly is tied East Asia especially China for trade purposes and development purposes Chinese engineer in working in Africa happens to be in get Ebola goes back to Beijing a city of how many millions of people how high a population density does it have starts sneezing in the market stall he goes to his second job as as a chef he’s helping prepare the family meal or something of twenty fucking people they’ll go out now they because some of them have Ebola they go out one of them sells shoes another one yeah imagine works in a hospital where people are already immuno compromised because they’re already sick or injured or something oh my goodness can you imagine thankfully in China there’s no such thing as human rights so I guess they can just cordon off the hospital and burn it to the ground or something which is probably what the Communist Party there would do by the way if that happened and save a lot of lives by killing a bunch of people but here we don’t do that what if there’s a case in New York City why I mean it could go anywhere it’s this is a ticking time bomb you have people attacking the clinics you think about the mentality of a group of people that is irate enough or dumb enough or both to go into a clinic that might be infected with a disease that is essentially incurable it kills half the people who get it in the most gruesome possible fucking way by the way I’ll be bleeding out of every orifice shitting blood pissing blood vomiting on sweating blood and sometimes fucking the blood dripping from their gums and eyes think about it these people think that it’s wise to attack such a clinic then attack the people trying to save their lives if he bola does come to their neck of the woods you’ve got to be fucking crazy and the act the outside world what what did they say a month ago they said something about they think that they should stop guarding the aid workers with soldiers because it intimidates people it looks bad it maybe makes people nervous so maybe they don’t go to the clinic you are nuts if I’m a foreign aid worker let’s say that I’m a doctor in the US I’m like well maybe I’ll volunteer I’m gonna go overseas and save some orphans or something oh there’s an Ebola epidemic that’d be some high level fuckin training you probably get some street cred for that I’m gonna go over and wear a suit 24/7 no incidence barely barely gets washed in jungle fucking ninety degree heat and 100% humidity I’m gonna put this rubber suit on and go and dabble with a disease that has a 50/50 chance of killing me if I get it that sounds like my idea of a month-long African vacation okay so I’m a crazy doctor and I’m willing to do that because I’m actually I believe I’m probably young and I believe that doctors should be selfless still and haven’t become bitter by watching so many patients die uh and and then they don’t even want to guard me while I’m there like have a couple dudes there to make sure that hopefully I don’t get shot in the head or the or that people come in and loot what if they rip my suit in the process of that what if they beat me over the head and break the suit open there’s Ebola fucking everywhere and I get infected yeah no thanks I think that I’ll go and volunteer in Cambodia instead go with Rand Paul to some remote new free eye surgeries or something at that point you might be the number of people volunteering for this is going to decline over time if it gets worse and worse that’s the other problem is manpower the local manpower those when those volunteers hear that one of their fellow volunteers was killed during an Ebola clinic looting the smart ones will leave they won’t volunteer anymore say no it’s too dangerous I don’t want any fucking thing to do with your fucking Ebola clinic get the fuck out of our country and let us deal with it if therefore all for all it’s worth that’s basically what’s gonna happen eventually people have to withdraw they already withdrew their doctors from several locations because of ongoing attacks and violence there I mean how are you gonna stop the Ebola nobody is giving me an idea of how they’re gonna stop it they deploy a hundred thousand or so vaccines in affected areas that’s fine and doesn’t seem to have stopped the growth rate of the disease let’s hope that there’s a delayed effect and it tamp sit down allows you to get control the situation oh that’s right there’s still a civil war to worry about nobody even talks about it half the time anymore barely anybody knows that there is an epidemic of an extremely deadly mutation prone disease that at any given time could go fully airborne wipe out half the world’s population simmering there in central Africa most people don’t even know it’s happening mystifying to me that’s about all P cell