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[Music] c] got a news alert for you now president Trump turns to the camera and ends Joe Biden with one devastating sentence Washington examiner reports upon leaving to examined the border crisis in California President Trump said that he doesn’t view former Vice President Joe Biden as a threat in 2020 and defended his right to criticize Biden for allegedly touching multiple women without their consent take a look [Music] yeah I think I’m a very good messenger and people got a kick out of it he’s going through a situation let’s see what happens but people got a kick we got out we got a show to smil…

Continue reading… little bit right no I don’t see Joe Biden as a threat now I don’t see him as a threat I think he’s only a threat to himself I just don’t see him as a threat he’s been there a long time his records not good he’d have to run on the Obama failed record you look at what happened with so many different things North Korea the Middle East the economy never got going no I don’t think Joe’s the threat I’d love him to be I mean that look I’d be happy with any of them to be honest now the president was clearly remarking on how Joe Biden he’s got a run on his record Joe Biden is a seasoned Washington swamp dweller so there’s going to be a lot of attack vectors to go after him during the 2020 campaign if he officially announces which seems to be eminent but president Trump had had a hell of a time at the beginning of that clip you mentioned you gotta have some funding as well well he was referencing what happened just a few hours ago just before that video was taken the hill reports President Trump shared an edited video making light of allegations of unwanted touching against the former Vice President Joe Biden Trump posted a video which features footage from a Biden statement that was issued a day earlier in which he addressed the allegations on his Twitter feed and the president says welcome back Joe watch this [Music] haha and there’s Joe Biden I see always in the job and presidential as always that was Biden’s response priceless though when I saw that President Trump had retweeted a carpe Noctem meme I thought that was amazing but so funny though I mean this it’s classic Trump okay just butchering his opponents on social media now the hill made note here that the video was Trump’s latest barb at the former vice president who has been at the center of controversy in recent days as several women have recounted instances where they say he behaved inappropriately you know what let’s watch that one more time I was good [Music] creepy chill right there creepy Joe yeah I added that circus music by the way because the original clip didn’t have any music so I figured what more appropriate than the circus music because Joe Biden is clearly a circus freak like the rest of them comment below we’ll see you at the next report for the next news network I’m Gary Franchi thank you for watching that report if you want more subscribe to the channel by clicking in the next News Network logo right here you can also watch our latest news reports by clicking here or you can get the latest breaking news by clicking here or the most viral news on the channel 2 News at Hillary and Obama hate right here