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NFL power rankings week two Jaguars and Rams climbed two top-heavy calm if we were to do power rankings for NFL players it is hard to imagine any players other than Patrick mahomes and Ryan Fitzpatrick being atop the list the two quarterbacks have been a story of the brief NFL season but for different reasons the Chiefs decided to move on from Alex Smith over the offseason to begin the mahomes era the former Texas Tech quarterback has thrived in Andy Reid’s offense it has been a while since the word explosive would seem like an appropriate adjective to describe Kansas City’s offense but that is exactly what the 2018 version of the Chiefs have been you never expect to have ten touchdowns at this point in the season mahomes told ESPN but I know what this offense with the weapons we’ve had and the scheme coach Andy realest drawing up that we had a chance to be really really good the possibilities are endless we’re not done this is just a start it’s just the beginning of the season heading into the season Fitzpatrick was seen as the placeholder quarterback until GMA’s Winston returned from a three-game suspension now there is legitimate talk that Fitzpatrick has a chance to hold on to the job even when Winston returns Fitzpatrick has hit the 400 yard mark in two straight games to start the season and stole the Shawn Jackson’s clothes for his postgame press conference we just developed a lot of confidence in the off season Fitzpatrick explained to ESPN how we worked in the way things were going the rapport with the guys I think that confidence has carried over into the season perfection is hard to achieve in the NFL even for two weeks two weeks into the season just seven teams r20 showing perfection is hard to come by the Jaguars get the honor for the most impressive win this week thanks to their double-digit victory over the Patriots the game featured two of the projected top AFC teams and it would be no surprise if we saw the match up again in the AFC Championship part to Blake bortles threw for 377 yards and four touchdowns throughout his career bortles has been on the receiving end of fans jokes but could the jaguars quarterback be living up to what jacksonville thought when they used a top five pick on him defensive end Calais Campbell thinks portals is more talented than he receives credit for we go against Blake and practice and he has some days where he’s just lights out Campbell explained to ESPN he gets us and were like if he can get us he can get to anybody because we feel pretty good about ourselves dot I was grabbing popcorn every time he was with the ball in his hands I was like he’s about to do something great and then he’s running and spinning it was impressive who would her top 10 NFL teams be as we head into week 3 let us know in the comments section click the next arrow to see the latest edition of our NFL power rankings breaking down the top 10 teams you can also click on a specific teams profile below one Jacksonville Jaguars – Los Angeles Rams 3 Kansas City Chiefs for Tampa Bay Bucs 5 Denver Broncos 6 New England Patriots 7 Green Bay Packers 8 Minnesota Vikings 9 Miami Dolphins 10 Cincinnati Bengals