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All right everyone today’s big news is actually taking place in Sweden right now it’s like you know today’s breaking news it was going to be the Democratic Party schism still huge news I’m going to laugh endlessly about it or Facebook spiraling down the toilet ship but this is bigger news now firstly a point that needs to be made just because there is a possible case of Ebola does not mean that it is Ebola now you have to perform tests in order to know that what’s happened is that an individual may have gone to Africa or come into contact with somebody from Africa and has begun vomiting blood …

Continue reading… r and in Sweden and is now in isolation as a precaution obviously there are so many other possible viruses and bacteria and and general nasty things that can happen to a person who caused them to vomit blood they could have internal bleeding they could have Marburg virus or something that is endemic certainly in some locations they could have some other major illness some some major problem going on it could be strictly something that would be related to to the surgical procedure could be it’s not a virus at all so first and foremost because of the low probability it’s even Ebola watching people panic about it is funny but then I’m thinking to myself people should be more concerned here’s your fucking wake-up call hundreds of people have contracted and died from Ebola over the last few months in Congo there’s a secondary malaria outbreak now there’s a civil war going on there it has hit multiple urban centers it is now capable because it has hit those centers and is burning its way through them it is possible that local air travel could take it to a much more large metropolitan hub and to say say placing in Kenya or it gets to Mombasa or it gets to one of these that it gets to Lagos of all places are fucking Ghana because of that trade and travel beginning now in Africa over the last few decades the fervor in some cases the first time for some of these communities because of much higher population density it is now capable of sustaining itself in in the specific very unique circumstances of an area that has Civil War and other epidemics simultaneously happening it is possible for it to escape all containment and a doctor without borders and the other medical establishment that’s been there they’ve openly alluded to this they said look it’s a disaster waiting to happen because we don’t have enough people to actually assure that we can take care of this problem you know you have that in in bene one of these towns which is just north and pretend bullets I think about 50 miles north of the Timbo I believe somewhat smaller but still a fairly large metropolitan district they had an Ebola ward there now thankfully at least most of the people there had already tested negative I guess they had other diseases and they just kept them there anyway some stupid shit like that which itself is a problem this probably should be fucking disgust with the Congolese medical authorities but they the locals because of the election being held off you know you’re using the excuse of Ebola I happen to believe that they’re the protesters fundamentally we’re right I think the government there’s corrupt because of they burned the Ebola ward to the ground now there could be you know upwards of a half a dozen people who did have Ebola there who hadn’t yet tested negative who now running around in that community and there’s no war to actually stop them they’ve withdrawn stem medical staff from these areas so here’s your wake-up call the situation there the situation in the third world right now is that you have increasingly you know hookups to world travel you increasingly have higher and higher population density and yet you have very little overall expenditure on sanitation on education related to health and on making sure to safeguard to prevent those diseases from spreading elsewhere in an increasingly globalized world travel eyes I don’t believe in globalism as an ideology but in a world that’s more and more interconnected in which some of these areas that haven’t really wiped out a lot of endemic tropical diseases that are now having more and more trade and travel it’s a fuckin ticking time bomb dude this is a the worst possible scenario Ebola gets to a larger it gets to Lagos or something kills off a hundred thousand people too populates a whole fucking region destroys an entire uprising economy setting the world back to the tune of many tens of billions of dollars of development probably causes enough refugees to cause a ripple effect and more outbreaks elsewhere and causes panic across all of all of developed after or something imagine that scenario at some point it mutates and it becomes more airborne and then it goes worldwide and kills half the people in the world wouldn’t that be just a fucking lovely time the problem is the medical establishment doesn’t take that threat seriously remember when there was the West African Ebola outbreak and they said don’t worry it’s not really truly airborne it’s just droplet based or or bodily fluids don’t have sex with someone who’s got Ebola and don’t like fucking rub their open sores and stuff and you’ll be fine that’s not the point though it could mutate at any given time diseases are capable of evolving that’s the biggest threat the biggest threat to mankind pandemic wise is the disease that doesn’t exist yet do you realize that right the problem is when we don’t actually work to contain these diseases and we don’t work to stop travel to and from an infected infected area to the best of our ability it’s called quarantine it does actually work it’s like a ticking time bomb the problem is that the globalists don’t want to do that because they’re afraid of being called ethnocentric or they’re afraid of losing you know $10 worth of fucking trade and rights to some village that has Ebola but terrified that they’re like they want money and and you know they don’t want to put the brakes on the globalist bus at all even though they’re headed right off a cliff people are largely ambivalent and don’t know anything about contagion apparently they are ambivalent about an outbreak like this until something like this happens and it hits the first world oh no there’s a possible case in Sweden every impact there have been hundreds there’s probably thousands of cases now in the Congolese epidemic it’s at least the second worst outbreak in history do you honestly think that every case is even being documented no no don’t even look at the actual Talley cases look at the expected cases it’s at least twice as high you’re talking about at least a thousand okay a thousand people have died or something like that it’s a lot of reservoirs of disease and each person is a potential stepping stone in mutation the West African Ebola outbreak that product killed twenty thousand-plus people a few years ago is the result of mutation they tested the the DNA I mean a million of viral DNA they tested the virus and they figured out oh yeah it had mutated somewhere along the line that’s why it’s jumping from person to person more easily thank goodness it didn’t go fully airborne and what have been 20,000 people that’d be 20 million probably they wouldn’t bothered to contain it they were taking patients back to the US because they were so dumb if ever there was an argument against open borders and for global health cooperation I think this would be it then also an argument by the way again myself and a very very small number of other commentators even in the alt media took this seriously months ago and now all of a sudden everyone else is going to have a video talking about how great a threat it is now horrible it is oh my god Sweden could get Ebola where were you two or three months ago the epidemic was already there a lot of these people that they’ll talk about health issues they didn’t talk about it I think I think Goodman covered it if I remember I think razörfist actually covered it too there aren’t that many people who talked about it maybe in passing they mentioned oh yeah Africa Ebola again huh and it’s like well you know you don’t understand the nature of disease borders don’t really do anything about it you can lock an area down quarantine it but you’re still gonna have a massive amount of cooperation that we simply don’t have in order to do that you’re basically asking for a zombie fryer so like oh yeah rabies goes airborne a kiss the world goodbye that’s about all peace out